Beyonce’s Artistic Fan Snubbed

Artist Paul Stillwell, who started painting one year ago to cope with the death of his mother, tells The New York Daily News he’s devastated that refused to sign one of his pieces. When Stillwell heard about her recent concert at Wembley Stadium, he said, “I traveled 100 miles to London and waited outside her hotel for five hours. … When she came out I showed her my painting and said, ‘Beyoncé, will you sign my painting?’ She said, ‘No, sorry,’ and walked away. … I was devastated, as the painting took me over 80 hours to paint and I had put my whole heart and soul into it. I was shocked that she wouldn’t take two seconds of her time to sign her name on it.” The painting was a portrait of the former Destiny’s Child star, from her ‘Dangerously in Love’ album cover. Check out his painting here.

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