Beyonce’s ‘B’Day’ Set To Sell 600k+

Beyonce 'B'Day' album cover reports Destiny’s Child star ’ new album ‘B’Day’ is on target to soar past 600k and could approach 650k, based on first-day sales reports from across the country. The figures again embarrass gossip web site, who had claimed the singer was only on pace to sell 205,000 units in its opening week and had been pushing a series of negative gossip items on the singer to the point where Matthew Knowles was forced to angrily respond. The site had previously been duped on a fabricated releasing claiming Ne-Yo had admitted to being gay in an interview with Essence magazine to a non-existent reporter, despite the item being filled with grammatical errors. They also provoked the ire of Christina Milian by laughably claiming the singer was going bankrupt, forcing her to sell items on eBay.

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