Blu Cantrell Addresses Nude Photo Flap

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked with ahead of her show Tuesday in Atlanta. Cantrell said of her nude photos from 7 years ago in Black Tail magazine, “It’s a closed book to me. I know people are talking about it. I’m not surprised . . . but I don’t even care. I’m not ashamed of nudity. I did it a long time ago when I needed to pay my bills.

“Actually, I’m proud of it. I’ll sign one [of the pictures] if they want me to. I’ve even caught friends looking, business associates looking at me on the Internet. And I’m fine with it. I did it so long ago. Now it’s about the singing and the album. I don’t have any regrets.”

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One thought on “Blu Cantrell Addresses Nude Photo Flap


    love to hang out. with blu. do the nasty. keep going.

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