Blu Cantrell Blasts Beyonce: ‘She’s Ripping Me Off’

Blu Cantrell

has blasted Destiny’s Child star for lifting her style. “Beyonce is talented and beautiful and I’m a fan, but she has a song out which is very similar to mine,” she told the Glasgow Daily Record. “She uses words which are in the hook of my song and if she is that talented, she shouldn’t have to copy someone else. Her song ‘Baby Boy’ has the exact word ‘Breathe’ in the hook. She’s ripping me off, but there is no animosity because I’m a very positive person. However, I’m a little disappointed because she is established and didn’t have to do that. But she won’t get away with plagiarizing me, because I’m a No.1 artist.”

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One thought on “Blu Cantrell Blasts Beyonce: ‘She’s Ripping Me Off’

  1. Beyrouter says:

    Looks like she did lol

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