Bobby V Expands On “R&B Is Dead” Remark

Bobby V

Singersroom spoke with in a Q&A, asking the singer about his recent comment that R&B is dead. “People to me don’t really love anymore like they did back in the day,” said. “I remember growing up – when you went to a party the highlight was trying to get that special dance with that girl that you liked. You might just want her to hold you or you wanna hold her or you might just wanna try to rub on her booty. Like when I was in middle school when we used to have those school dances (it was about) who was going to get that last dance. Now when you got to the club the DJ’s don’t even play slow music no more, even at the end of the night. They might play kind of like some groove music that you can step to but the slow jams are really out.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Bobby V Expands On “R&B Is Dead” Remark

  1. Nichole Cooper says:

    Well my reply would be what R&B have you heard, cause it is beautiful just like the colorful people who make the music and if you don’t find it soul feeling then maybe you have no soul, I’m out!

  2. Nichole Cooper says:

    And I would never wanna admit what you said but I feel you.

  3. johnetta robinson says:

    Hey Bobby V I am Johnetta Robinson I really like your music and you really are sexy and good looking and plus I am single any ways my number is ***-****

    call me

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