Brandy: Forgiveness Is Not Excusing

Brandy in Osaka

checked in with her Twitter followers (@4everBrandy) as Chris Brown’s interview on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ was airing, apparently commenting on Brown apologizing for assaulting Rihanna. The singer tells readers:

Forgiveness is not Excusing

I believe its hard for us to forgive one another because we feel that forgivng means making what was done ok-4 those that didn’t understand

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One thought on “Brandy: Forgiveness Is Not Excusing

  1. Mocha2010 says:

    I’m a huge Chris Brown fan and I was also watching the Larry King interview last night and I feel like people keep judging him because of a mistake. Everyone keeps on saying that he needs to be a man and take responsibility for what he did but he is, if he wasn’t he would’ve pleaded not guilty, he even turned himself in to the police. I don’t agree with abuse, male or female but nobody but them knows what started it and that’s there business. He payed his dues to his fans by coming on the Larry King show which had to be very embarrassing for him and his mother. He is really sorry for what he did you can tell that he is very ashamed because it’s like he’s following the cycle of his step dad,but he’s not he admitted he was wrong and he’s facing the consequences. I love you Chris forever and I have full faith in you that you wont ever do it again. And to all his haters and those fake fans y’all no what y’all could do……….

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