Brandy Performs & Chats With Conan O’Brien

was on the Conan O’Brien show on Friday to perform ‘What About Us’ and speak with Conan for a bit afterwards. says she still hasn’t come up with a name for her baby girl and that she hopes to tour in September or October. Read on for a transcript.

Conan: Sitting here with brandy. Thank you so much for singing. That
was fantastic.

Brandy: Thank you. I’m so excited.

Conan: Well, there’s a lot to be excited about. You got married fairly

Brandy: Yes.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: Tell us, what’s the guy like?

Brandy: He’s a dime.

Conan: He’s a dime?

Brandy: Yeah, you know what that is?

Conan: I have no idea. Look at me.

Brandy: Yeah, you do. It’s a ten.

Conan: Oh, a dime is a ten?

Brandy: Yeah.

Conan: I’ve been called a nickel.

[ Laughter ] yeah, I thought that was a compliment, and then i heard
there’s a dime. Now, you’re pregnant. When are y d due?

Brandy: I’m due early july.

Conan: Early july. That’s so exciting.

Brandy: Can you tell?

Conan: Yeah, I couldn’t really tell.

[ Applause ] you look great. That’s a beautiful dress.

Brandy: Thank you.

Conan: Do you know yet if it’s a boy —

Brandy: it’s a girl.

Conan: It’s a girl.

Brandy: Yeah.

[ Audience aws ]

[ applause ]

Conan: Have you thought about names? Have you gotten the name book yet
and started to go through?

Brandy: I’ve thought about so many names. I have name books, but i haven’t
come up with one yet.

Conan: Right.

Brandy: Can you help me out?

Conan: Conina.

[ Laughter ] I’m pushing this name.

Brandy: Conina?

Conan: Conina, It’s the feminine conan. I’ve been pitching conan on
every guest who’s going to have a boy, i say, “Conan.” They’re like, “yeah,
i don’t know.”

[ Laughter ] come on, why not? Conina.

Brandy: Then I could call her nina for short.

Conan: Ah, cone.

Brandy:  Or coco.

[ Laughter ] or coco.

Conan: You’re going to do this my way or not at all.

[ Laughter ] you have a new album.

Brandy:  Yes.

Conan: Are you going to tour with this album?

Brandy: I would love to tour, maybe some time in september, october.

Conan: So you’re going to wait. You’re going have the baby and then
tour. That probably makes sense.

Brandy: Yeah, exactly.

Conan: It’d be funny if you were doing a giant concert and then you’re
like, “wait a minute. We got to stop here.”

Brandy:  “My water broke.”

Conan: “It’s baby time.”

Brandy:  I know.

Conan: The whole audience drives you to the hospital.

[ Laughter ] no, this is a much better idea. The cd “full moon” is in
stores now. And we were really t rilled that you made time for us. Thank
you for being here.

Brandy:  Thank you very much for having me.

Conan: Brandy, everybody.

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