Brandy Visits Carson Daly And TRL Tuesday

joined Carson Daly today to talk about her new album ‘Full Moon’ and perform ‘What About Us?’. revealed her baby is going to be a girl and she also says she’s already shot her second video which had her pregnancy in mind. For a complete transcript of the chat, read on.

Carson: My next guest a multi-media sensation who has been caught
in the cross-fire sense news of her marriage and that she’s pregnant. She
is here to set the record straying and hang and perform. Please welcome

Carson: Let me just say you look like a million bucks.

>> Thank you very much.

Carson: With child. You wear it so well.

>> Thank you very much.

Carson: Congratulations on the recdd “full moon” out today.

>> I’m nervous but so excited.

Carson: What are you nervous about.

>> Because i haven’t been out since i don’t know when 3 years ago.

Carson: But what about o special version of the first single has done
so well. That must make you feel good.

>> It does. Makes me feel very good and the nervousness go away a bit
but not much.

Carson: In honor of you and all this activity since you sort of resurfaced
has come out rumors and everything let’s take them one by one playin’ a
rumor mill game, starting with your marriage when did you actually get

>> Last summer. I can’t keep you a — give you a date or time, kinda
keepin’ that private

Carson: Why were you so secret.

>> I took advantage of my privacy at that time. No one was really interested
what i was doing so I took advantage of my private life and –.

Carson: How long did nobody know you were married?

>> About a couple months ago.

Carson: That’s crazy. How do you keep a secret like that? Was it weird?

>> It was very weird but kinda fun because everybody was speculating
and wanting to know and i was like, i don’t know, maybe.

Carson: Did your inner circle like your parents know.

>> My parents knew. His parents knew, too.

Carson: Then you came on and said you were pregnant with child. Which
is fantastic. Congratulationss.

>> Yes, can you see a little bit of it can you see?

[Crowd simultaneously] ohhhhh.

Carson: Hold on. She’s singing.

>> Ohh, ha-ha.

Carson: I can tell by lookin’ it is a girl.

>> It is a girl.

Carson: You already know wow.

>> It is, carson.

Carson: Thank you very much.

Carson: If anybody else is knocked up i’ll be in the back for five bucks
will guess the sex of your child. Why did you — that’s always something
interesting a lot of parents don’t want to know.

>> Parents don’t want to know.

Carson: The sex of a child.

>> Yeah, yeah.

Carson: You have rooms and things to plan.

>> A nursery and things like that and build it around the girl characters.
I wanted to know.

Carson: It will drive you crazy I’m sure especially promoting the record
people like do you have a name, do you have a name.

>> I don’t.

Carson: You should come up with a crazy one and lie.

>> I’ll take that advice.

Carson: And every time change it.

>> Help me come up with it.

Carson: We will, sure. Do you want to play our celebrity rumor mill

>> Sure.

Carson: It is easy. I pick the celeb and here are different rum more

>> I hope i don’t get in trouble.

Carson: Don’t worry. I’ll take the heat for everything.

>> Okay.

Carson: How about i pick, we have done enrique and eminem. Time for
a girl. How about britney spears. You want to read some of these was she
recently this vegas and bet 50 grand and lost?

>> I guess, yeah i heard that one before that –.

Carson: Uhm, is britney known to expose herself in public? Which film.
Has shot a nude scene for a film.

>> that’s just a rumor

Carson: Here is the gig. Accordingoo that’s true she shot a
nude scene —

>> are you serious? Thank you, guys.

Carson: Apparently for “crossroads” there is a scene they were flashing
somebody but it was cut, in post, never made it. According this is according
to e! On line shakira is next with “underneath your clothes” video 6, along
with brandies whose album is out today, more after this:

Carson: That’s ofe shakira “underneath your clothes”, video 6. I’m with
t lovely brandy whose new record “full moon” is out today and full moon
indeed is the theme of today. We talked with madonna and she was makin’
i think a music video she was pregnant in her third trimester, that’s why
a ion of the video was animated she couldn’t do all the dancing sequences.
I’m thinking you are performing here today at what point will you stop
and lay low.

>> When my doctor tells me around 36 weeks.

Carson: What about the second single.

>> I already shot that. I did a good job hiding, actually.

Carson: This one you have the bat and two-way pagers.

>> I was active in “what about us?” But “full moon” i was calm and soothing.

Carson: Did you change some of the creative because of being pregnant.

>> I think so. Chris robinson, the director knew my condition and wanted

build around the fact i was pregnant.

Carson: When people go by your — buy your record today and it has been
some time as you said and put it in their c.D. What do you want them to
take from this record.

>> Love basically, basiclyly about love and the things that go on with
you, your emotions, very emotional album and my most personal soy think
everybody should go out and get that

Carson: Beautiful. Uh, you know, having other artists often that you
admire, anybody else on your record.

>> My brother ray-jay.

Carson: How is he.

>> Very G.I miss him a lot. He’s back at home in l.A..

Carson: An uncle.

>> Uncle ray-jay.

Carson: Theasast time you toured if i’m not mistaken the summer of ’99.

>> Yes.

Carson: How will this go.

>> I’ll take her every with me and go on tour in september or october.

Carson: Good. Looking forward to that. Also a mystery guest waiting
to be revealed on today’s show and a live performance from mama brandies
a new version of “what about us?” With a live band happens right after
this, as well as the rest of your top 10 on trl. — I was just talkin’
to brandy’s band, awesome. The new album is out today. I love the band.
Wha’ssup, guys you are tin kering and gettin’ ready. Great to have you
here. How do you like playin’ with a band.

>> I love it.

Carson: Totally different right.

>> Yes plus these guys have been with me a while.

Carson: You mentioned we might give you help with names for your baby

>> Yeah, please.

Carson: We polled the audience. 3 someone wrote moesha.

>> Oh, no


Carson: But that would be wrong. Hailey, that is no. 2.

>> That’s cute.

Carson: A lot of people like kayla although let me tell you what my
mom had a book you should get a book called never name your baby bill and
it is a great.

>> Funny.

Carson: Full of names that’s where i got carson and my sister quinn.

>> A swahlia names, actually.

Carson: Good. We’ll get you a book. Brandies will perform after pink
a wanna-be today “don’t let me get me” on trl

Carson: A wanna-be today from pink “don’t let me get me” speaking of
music, no. 5 on your trl countdown off the record “full moon” here is brandy
“what about us?”

Carson: Very nice work.

>> Thank you. Thank you so much.

Carson: Give it up for brandy, everybody and the band, as well. Thank
you, ladies and lemen, thank you. Brandy god bless you.

>> Thanks for havin’ me.

Carson: “Full moon” is the record out today. Thank you for being here.
Again, congratulations. Go pick it up

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