Brandy Visits ‘The Late Late Show’

was on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’ on Wednesday to promote her new album ‘Afrodisiac’ and perform ‘Talk About Our Love’. Brandy also talked about dating Los Angeles Clippers star Quentin Richardson, her Vibe magazine cover, and her obsession with jelly. Read on for a transcript.

Craig: First guest is a Grammy-winning multiplatinum singer.
She starred on the show “Moesha” and her latest C.D., “Afrodisiac” is out
now. Please welcome brandy!


Craig: Good to see you.

Brandy: Thank you. You’re so sweet.

Craig: They do that all the — you get that all the time. You go to
the restaurants in L.A. And hay do that. They won’t leave you alone.

Brandy: It’s great. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the scene.

Craig: I know your stuff is good but the reviews are amazing.

Brandy: Yeah, i cannot believe the reviews.

Craig: Entertainment weekly, her lyrics ring with authenticity. The
dating news of Los Angeles says her most personal album to date and also
her most adventurous.

Brandy: I’m excited about that. I’ve never had that type of review before.

Craig: What do you think it is?

Brandy: The honesty. I just let loose. You can hear the struggle and the pain I have gone through over the past few years.

Craig: You were on all fours, am I right about that? I saw that and
it was beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing. Whatever i saw there. Whose idea was that?

Brandy: Actually it was “vibe’s” idea. We just want to get people talking.

Craig: We don’t have the picture? Ok. Ok. It’s you facing the camera. I’m not going to try to duplicate it but you’re facing the camera and your pretty face is there and then you can see the small of your back and then, you know.

Brandy: You can see my tush.

Craig: You’re wearing jeans, right?

Brandy: Not jeans, a bathing suit.

Craig: I’ve got to look at that again. I saw a great picture of you
with Q. Clint richardson.

Brandy: He’s cute.

Craig: He is. He plays with the clippers but he just got a huge deal
with the Phoenix Suns. I think he might want to leave the Clippers.

Brandy: He does. I think it’s time for him to play with Steve Nash and you know, really start on a winning team.

Craig: Because Phoenix will probably make the playoffs and i would think they will. They have a lot of talent. We did so many clipper jokes over the past few years, nothing about q. He’s got guns on him, too.

Brandy: He’s got major guns.

Craig: He may be too big.

Brandy: No, he’s no too big. I’m stronger. I play basketball with him
and in order for me to win, i kiss him and do stuff to distract him.

Craig: Does that make you stronger when you kiss him?

Brandy: Yeah, it makes me stronger when I kiss him but it makes him weaker, though.

Craig: How did you meet?

Brandy: I don’t talk about how we met because it was so special.

Craig: I’ll bring it out of you.

Brandy: You will? You’re known for bringing things out of people. He was just hips. He didn’t try too hard.

Craig: Did you play hard to get?

Brandy: Yeah.

Craig: What did you do?

Brandy: He called me and i wouldn’t answer.

Craig: But you gave him your number?

Brandy: I did because i liked him. I didn’t want to go too fast. I just wanted to take my time. Plus he’s an nba player. You know how those guys are sometimes.


Craig: I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything.

Brandy: So i just wanted to make sure i wouldn’t get my feelings hurt.

Craig: When you said you didn’t call him back, are you we talking a
couple of weeks or a couple of months? How long did you tease this guy?

Brandy: For about three months.

Craig: That’s terrible. Who do you think you are? Brandy?

Brandy: I got him, though. When you pull back, they reach for you.

Craig: How long have you been dating?

Brandy: We have been dating for about eight months. Play


Craig: You have had a show on UPN, forbe hoshehoshe, how long was that on — “Moesha,” how long was that on? Would you like to go back to tv?

Brandy: Not to TV. It’s hard work. I wasn’t able to tour and do the
things that other artists do. That’s why I’m putting its on hold right now.

Craig: They said you have a particular eating habit. Your heavily into jelly, right?

Brandy: Yeah.

Craig: It’s ok for breakfast, you don’t have it beyond breakfast, do

Brandy: No, but the weird thing is i put it in my grits. Right. It doesn’t
sound right.

Craig: You can put syrup on grits, right? I’ve done that.

Brandy: I don’t know about the syrup. Maybe of

Craig: Maybe it’s cream of wheat. So you put it on grits and that’s
frowned upon? People don’t like that?

Brandy: People don’t like that. Also on my fried eggs.

Craig: Do you experiment with it? There was an an — experiment with jelly? There was jelly, jalapeno jelly. Let’s get her some. Send her some.

Brandy: Jalapeno jelly?

Craig: You’ll love it. Stay with us. When we come back, “five questions” with brandy. The king has flip-flopped, sir.


One, two, three, four, five more questions, Mr. Kilborn

Craig: Back with brandy. The new album, “Afrodisiac.” I’m saying that correctly, “afrodisiac.” What are you going to sing for us?

Brandy: I’m going to sing “talk about our love”, the first single off
the album m.

Craig: Our staff has gotten the “vibe” cover. Look at that.

[Applause] That’s fun! Yeah. I like looking at it. Obviously you do
too. You know?

Brandy: I like it.

Craig: What did q say? What did your boyfriend say?

Brandy: He was like whoa!

Craig: It’s kind of, he’s never seen you like that — oh, he’s seen
you like that. Ready? Time for “five questions.” Here we go.

[Applause] The L.A. Clippers did not make the playoffs last year. There are 82 games in a regular season. Last year, did the clippers lose more
than 50 games last year? Yes or no? They were pretty bad.

Brandy: No. But is it a no or yes?

Craig: Time — I’m trying to help. They were pretty bad.

Brandy: Yes. Now you see why I want him to go to phoenix.

Craig: Are you able to name a current show on the upn lineup?

Brandy: Yes.

Craig: Go ahead.

Brandy: One on one.

Craig: Correct. Within 10, how many pairs of shoes do i think you own, within 10.

Brandy: I don’t know.

Craig: Within 10. Guess.

Brandy: 10.

Craig: I think you own 90. How many do you own?

Brandy: I don’t know.

Craig: Is it like 90?

Brandy: Yeah.

Craig: It’s outrages, rights? You have closets 23ul8 of shoes, right?

Brandy: I really feel ignorant because I didn’t understand the question.

Craig: That’s because I talk fast. Ready, true or false. You have three tattoos and you go show them all on a family show like this one, true or

Brandy: I can show them all on a family show but I have more than three.

Craig: We know the one there.

Brandy: Y one here and here and then I have two right there

Craig: There you go, ladies and gentlemen. This is tough. This is rapid fire. Name four ore female singers besides yourself who go by one name.

Brandy: Madonna, jewel, eve, and beyonce.

Craig: Rapid fire! All right. The C.D. Is called “afrodisiac” and she’s
going to come back later and sing. Big hand for brandy, ladies and gentlemen.

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