Braxton Hurt That Label Was Disappointed By Pregnancy

Tonya Pendleton of spoke with about her new album ‘More Than A Woman’ and her pregnancy, which was reportedly greeted by a lukewarm response from her record label, though she will only indirectly admit that those rumors were true. “I mean, you know, it was alleged,” she says coyly. “We’d have to go to Judge Mathis to find out for sure. It’s rumored that they weren’t happy about it, which really hurt my feelings. I was disappointed by it.” Braxton says the latest addition to the family will be another boy. “I wanted a girl, but when your child is in trouble all you think about is it being healthy,” Braxton says. “He’s healthy now and we’re looking for a D name again, because in my family we’re all T’s and Keri (Lewis, her husband) his family is all K’s.”

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