Brian McKnight Answers Fan Questions

Brian McKnight 'From There To Here' did a Q&A with , submitting fan questions to the singer, including his thoughts on whether straight R&B music is losing out to Hip-Hop and Rap — or if he thinks that is an evolution of music. “I think it’s both,” McKnight said. “I think that throughout time, when classical music was all there was, Jazz took over. When Jazz was the hip music of the time, Rock N’ Roll took over and then Folk music and then Disco and then the 80s music took over. In the 90s Hip Hop made its claim that it wasn’t going anywhere and now it’s taken over. I think it’s kind of sad because singers are kind of getting phased out but it is the natural evolution. Every form of music that has been great was phased out by another form of music that came along.”

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