Brian McKnight Posts New Message

posted a new message on his official site’s message board Thursday saying, “Ok it is 1:30 in the am late Wednesday night and im in my hotel room in Atlanta and im reading all of the posts laughing my you know what off because you are all so silly even sillier than me I think. But anyway, I thought that the story make up a line thing was great and when you all jumped all over my man when he realized that the girl he invited to the show was a mother it just shows me that you all care not only about me but about each other that is a strange phenomenon. Usually people just write to their favorite artists etc just extolling the talents and whatever but you all talk to each other and I believe that some of you have forged friendships from what began as just your mutual feelings for me and I think that’s what touches me the most about this message board. I really apreciate all of you even the not so nice ones! See ya soon!”

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