Brian McKnight Quizzed On Golden Age Of Soul

Brian McKnight 'From There To Here'

Billy Johnson Jr. of recently chatted with and asked the singer if he thought the golden age of soul, with people like Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross, has passed. “That’s a really interesting question that’s posed all the time: ‘Can we get back to this? Can music get back to that?’ I don’t know,” McKnight said. “Music changes day to day, and it’s hard to get a hold on what will be the next big thing. I just do what I do and hope it’s accepted by the public at large. It’s different from when Marvin [Gaye] and Stevie revolutionized what music was 25 years ago. Now there’s all this technology that’s available to everyone. It’s tough to be ahead of anyone. Stevie didn’t use the technology to drive the song. He used it to enhance. I use the tools to further my work, I don’t use my work to further the tools.”

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