Bushwick Bill Speaks Out On Houston Incident

Bushwick Bill, of legendary rap trio The Geto Boys, who forced his girlfriend to assist in his suicide attempt, and she accidentally shot him in the eye, weighed in on news that apparently gouged himself in the eye while in London. “The advice I would give to or to any other artists who are either up and coming, or who are already established, and are going through mental storms right now, is this: You need to be rooted and grounded with the same love you have your family and God to yourself,” he told Ballerstatus.net. “Since God wanted you to be an entertainer, you need to look to God more and less to yourself, because we as artists are confused as human beings, and then lack of knowledge pulls us into different directions. You are put in the position where you have to smile when you are sad and be gracious when you are depressed, and not everybody knows how to play the roles that fame requires. Some people wear their life on their sleeves, and they wear their emotional life on their face, which broadcasts their situation like a news station. When some people can’t handle that, can’t cope, they start to fall apart.” The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

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