Can Ashanti Survive If Gotti’s Gone?

Contributed anonymously:

With Irv “I wish I was a real Don” Gotti, having been arrested this week, and out on a million dollar bail, facing 10 years in prison, we can sit back and now watch the rest of Murder Inc fall to the way side.

Can struggling artists like Ja Rule and survive in the music business without Gotti? Ja’s faced several obstacles lately and ’s career (according to Murder Inc.) is suppose to be as hot as ever, yet the “Princess” couldn’t maintain her album sales and has consistently been falling further down the charts. Ja’s latest effort is in the I.C.U on life support, and Concrete Rose is on its way to the Nursing Home.

With Gotti having had so much to do, from promoting and producing, and just always having this people in our faces, one can venture to say a Gotti free NY, will see an end to the Murder Inc Family, which has already suffered so many blows.

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