Carl Thomas Releases Fourth Studio Album ‘Conquer’

Carl Thomas 'Conquer' cover

Following a brief time away from the spotlight, returns with ‘Conquer’, his first album in four years, which was released December 6th on Verve Forecast. “On ‘Conquer’, I really just talk about allowing love to do what it does,” Thomas told about the album’s title track. “I was talking about not fighting so hard in areas of relationships where you really don’t have to. The cool thing about the single is that people who listen to it are going to take dual meanings from it.”

‘Conquer’ Track Listing:
1. The Night Is Yours
2. Long Distance Love Affair
3. Conquer
4. Round 2
5. It’s Not The Same
6. Don’t Kiss Me
7. It Is What It Is
8. It Ain’t Fair
9. Sweet Love
10. Running
11. Don’t Kiss Me (Remix)

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