Cassie ‘Me & U’ Video & Disclaimer

posted the following message on her blog at Myspace earlier this month: “Seeing as how the video has already had it’s shining moment I figured I would explain what it’s all about to my fans. To those of you who were disappointed with anything about the video (and believe me, there were MANY), the truth is, is that this internet community only reaches so far and then there are people in life listening to their radios bopping their heads to ‘Me & U’ and some of those people aren’t so hype about the internet or looking me up for that matter. Therefore, there was an entire community of people who knew that ‘Me & U’ song, but not the artist. Whether or not you liked it, it was my first HUGE ‘public appearance’ and I needed to put my stamp on it. This song is VERY suggestive, and I am VERY particular about my image and I kept it clean to preserve my name and image. There’s no guy because I personally felt that it would have been tacky. Yes, I bet you’re wondering, how would she know if she didn’t do it? …Well, the truth is, is that I did shoot a video for this song before. It was extremely low budget and it was before I signed to a label. Unfortunately that BAD video that’s going around, I felt like it scarred the very beginnings of a promising future. No matter my excitement while making the video, I was not thinking for . Before I had a chance to voice my opinion someone had leaked it in it’s raw form.” Watch the new video below.

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