R&B Singer Switches Teams On Drugs… On Tape?

A blind item in The New York Daily News asks, “Which R&B singer likes to drop ecstasy in the studio and fool around with his posse as if it doesn’t count as gay because they’re all taking drugs? Wonder if he knows there’s security camera footage?”

Soulful Singer Is Bulimic

A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which soulful singer is bulimic? Friends are concerned the stress of having a new album is causing her to throw up her meals .”

R&B Star’s Habit Worrying Label

A blind item in The New York Daily News asks, “Which rising R&B star is worrying his label with his habit of inviting handsome young men back to his hotel room after enjoying a few drinks, as he did at PM last week?”

R&B Star Passing Fake Money?

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which fallen R&B star was thrown out of a music store after they refused to accept what appeared to be a fake £50 note? He won’t be allowed back there any time soon.”

Superstar Songstress Over Imbibes On New Year’s Eve

A blind item in The New York Daily News asks, “Which superstar songstress got so drunk her bodyguard had to carry her out of the Chelsea lounge where she was celebrating on New Year’s Eve? Fun bonus fact: She’s a cousin of the resident drug dealer!”

Soul Star’s Unusual Tour Demand

A blind item in Australia’s NW magazine asks, “Which soul singer has an interesting list of tour demands, which includes, ‘two girls under the age of 21 who are willing to spend the night’?”

Is Maxwell Married?

Jawn Murray’s BV Buzz reports that singer Maxwell may be married, and not to the ‘Law & Order’ star he was dating. Plus, Damon Wayans has words for President Bush and about his sons sleeping with Bush’s daughters. There’s also news on M.C. Hammer’s preemie baby; a blind item on a singer’s assistant being attacked by a gang member; and Omarion, Lionel Richie and New Edition perform for Tom Joyner at Disney.

The article at blackvoices.com has since been removed.

R&B Star Still Dedicated To His Ex

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which R&B star protests he’s in love with his girlfriend but plagues his ex with romantic texts? The crooner even dedicated one of his hits to the ‘lucky’ lady.”