Groupies Love Ginuwine And Jagged Edge

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Jawn Murray has news in his BV Buzz about how groupies swarmed a hotel in Norfolk, VA following the Ladies Night Out tour with Ginuwine, Jagged Edge and Donnel Jones. There’s also news on Samuel L. Jackson and his wife Latanya, Meli’sa Morgan, Tony Rock, Kristoff St. John and a blind item on a deadly R&B star. The story at has since been removed.

Craig David Turns Down Threesome Offer reports that Craig David was amazed to see two naked groupies standing in front of him when he answered his door in a German hotel, but resisted the temptation. “I didn’t think anything of it,” David said after seeing the pair wearing night gowns as he entered his room. “Then I heard this knock on my door. When I opened it both of them were there, completely naked. Part of me was thinking, ‘This could be awesome’ – because it was a spontaneous situation – but another part of me thought, ‘There could be something… wrong.'”

Mario Stays Away From Groupies quotes 15-year-old Mario talking about groupies. “I don’t mess with groupies,” Mario insisted. “You gotta stay away from them. Give them a little hug and an autograph, but then you gotta leave them alone.”

Groupie Makes Eye-Opening Claim On Craig David

After a fan wondered about what kind of girls Craig David goes for, a poster at make a surprising claim. Genieve wrote, “Muscular Brits… I don’t know if it’s been talked about over there alot, not that it’s top story over here but Craig David in his past before becoming famous, was rumored to have been involved with the man friendly guys of London.” has since removed the posting.

Groupie Gives The Straight Scoop On Maxwell

A poster on gave an inside look at Maxwell after a fan questioned whether the singer was gay. Writer ‘karamel’ posted, “I have interviewed Maxwell and I don’t think he’s gay at all, nor does anyone who actually knows him. No scandal, sorry, just that as far as I know he’s just discrete. I know he’s dated Kiara the model, a black/spanish girl who i think was modelling. I also am good friends with someone who worked with him for years (a guy) who swears that he’s straight.”

Alicia Keys Fears Lesbian Groupies

Alicia Keys talked to Jane magazine for their November issue and admits she’s not big on groupies saying, “I guess guys might be more into groupies ’cause they just want to get their thing on. At this point, I have more obsessed female fans than male. I start to know ’em by name. You see shows like ‘Selena’ and get nervous.”