Usher Releases ‘OMG Tour – Live From London’ On DVD & Blu-Ray

Usher 'OMG Tour - Live From London' DVD

Usher just released ‘OMG Tour – Live From London’ on DVD and Blu-Ray. The 104-minute concert was filmed in April of this year in high-definition with state-of-the-art sound—DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Stereo. The specially constructed set at England’s O2 Arena dramatically enhanced the R&B singer’s performance.

Watch his ‘Yeah’ performance from the show at YouTube and check out the track listing below.

Track listing:
1) Monstar
2) She Don’t Know
3) Yeah
4) U Remind Me
5) U Don’t Have To Call
6) You Make Me Wanna
7) Mars vs. Venus
8) Nice & Slow
9) Love In This Club
10) Lil Freak
11) Hot Tottie
12) There Goes My Baby
13) Burn
14) Bad Girl
15) Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
16) Caught Up
17) DJ Got Us Falling Love
18) More
19) OMG

A ‘Love After War’ Note From Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke 'Love After War'

Robin Thicke checked in with a handwritten note for his Facebook followers on Friday (October 28), talking about his fifth studio album ‘Love After War’, coming out December 6th. The Los Angeles R&B singer writes:

The truth, the lies, the joy, the cries
the lust, the pain, and all that is gained…
as the fog of gunfire clears
and the rain disappears…
I see a sliver of light, soft lips and heart
beating against mine.
Once again I find…
Love After War

Robin Thicke

Beyonce ‘Live At Roseland’ Out November 21st

Beyonce 'Live At Roseland'

When Beyonce Knowles took the stage back in August for four shows at the Roseland Ballroom, only 3,500 fans per night, who bought those tickets in a record 22 seconds, were able to catch the intimate shows in the historic New York City venue. Now, those shows will be available on DVD with the release of ‘Live At Roseland’, available exclusively at Walmart on November 21st.

And on November 29th, ‘Live At Roseland: The Elements Of 4’ deluxe package, a two-disc DVD, with the complete concert, bonus offstage footage, a 20-page booklet and a video anthology that includes seven videos from her latest album, 4, will be released worldwide. The concert documentary is filled with never-before seen footage that captures Beyonce’s life from eager five-year-old music fan to a consummate entertainer who is in control of every inch of her life and career.

In advance of the DVD’s release, the new video for ‘Party’, included in the anthology on the deluxe DVD, has been released. Directed by Beyonce and Alan Ferguson, ‘Party’ is the sixth video released from ‘4’ and features rapper J Cole with cameos from Solange and Kelly Rowland.

‘Live At Roseland’ was directed by Beyonce, Ed Burke and Anthony Green and executive produced by Beyonce for Parkwood Entertainment, in association with Columbia Records.

Melanie Fiona Intimidates Some Men

Melanie Fiona sitting

Melanie Fiona tells that some men have told her they feel intimidated to approach the Toronto R&B singer. “I don’t feel that my energy and my presence is intimidating. [Besides] that’s not what I’m aiming to do because I do welcome conversation, and I think it takes a lot for somebody to get the courage to approach someone and say, ‘Hey I wanna get to know you,'” Melanie explained. “I’m really just an energy person. If their energy is really vibing with mine, even from across the room, they’ll feel my energy back and that’s probably a good indication that they should probably come over. If they’re wrong, I’ll probably let them know that too.”

Beyonce Rep Calls Prosthetic Belly Talk “Stupid, Ridiculous And False”

Beyonce on 'Sunday Night HD'

The internet blew up this week after Beyonce Knowles appeared on the Australian talk show ‘Sunday Night HD’ and her bulging mid-section collapsed as she sat down to chat with Molly Meldrum. The speculation was that the Destiny’s Child star was using a prosthetic stomach and that a surrogate was carrying the child she’s expecting with Jay-Z.

Yvette Noel-Schure told that the prosthetic belly reports are “Stupid, ridiculous and false.”

Leona Lewis Delays ‘Glassheart’ To Continue Recording

Musician Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis checked in with fans on her Facebook page on September 26th to announce that that her new album ‘Glassheart’ is now expected to drop next year, instead of November as originally planned. ‘The X Factor’ UK winner writes:

Just wanted to update everyone on the album! I’m feeling so inspired right now and have decided to continue recording! I have a collection of songs that I’m so in love with and I [know] there’s more to be born so it means the album will come early next year x.

Hamilton Park Are Giving Their Hearts On The Scream Tour

Hamilton Park in matching Levi's jackets

Hamilton Park are currently on the Scream Tour in support of their upcoming EP, and group member Mr. Marcus Lee spoke with about what fans should expect during their live shows. “I like to say this, artists these days they’re giving us all these melodies, harmonies and these ‘ear-gasms’ but they are not speaking to the heart of people,” Marcus explained. “It’s crazy because I think a lot of times when they’re performing they’re basically asking, ‘Give me your heart.’ But they’re not willing to give their heart to the audience in return. But you can tell us apart because we’re giving our heart hoping that the audience will give us their hearts in return.” Hamilton Park’s self-titled EP is out October 11th on Atlantic Records.

Kelis Called “Slave” & “Kunta Kinte” In London


Kelis checked in with her Twitter followers (@iamkelis), alleging that she was a victim of racism when arriving in the UK (apparently at London’s Heathrow Airport) by a middle aged English man. Kelis says the “fat red faced sweaty” person thought she was cutting in line and called her a slave, who was “probably a disgusting Nigerian”, and then referred to the singer as “Kunta Kinte”, the central character in ‘Roots’. The singer Tweets:

There’s a show in the states, I think it’s on Dateline or something like that. The host is a Spanish man. Basically the premise of the show is “what would you do”? Or how do people react when they see injustices. I love the show. It’s interesting. However today that didn’t happen

We just landed and I had the midget with me. We get in the passport control line and apparently pissed this one man off cause he thought I cut the line. Which wouldn’t be far fetched of me but this time I actually didn’t (not entirely anyway) well the point is from 0 to 60

This fat red faced sweaty “man” (I use the word man loosely here) started calling me a slave and told me to call him sir and how I was probably a disgusting Nigerian. He called me Kunta Kinte and ranted and raved some more. The man behind the passport desk laughed, shook his head in agreement I guess, and said “Kunta Kinte”. All the while the entire line full of people I just sat on a plane with for almost 3 hours

Over 50 people said nothing. I mean literally nothing. Didn’t flinch. We all no I’m no saint, so I retaliated. Not the way I wanted to or how that pig deserved. But #1 my gorgeous baby boy was literally sitting on my hip and #2 I’m a believer. And we are better. Supposed to be.

Anyway, it made me think. This person was approximately a 50 year old English man. I didn’t say anything at the time of the riots in London for a lot of reasons. But I am in London all the time and today I’m gonna say that the racial issues in the UK are disgusting. It’s racially decades behind progression because everything is swept under the rug. People don’t talk about it. People don’t fight about it.

Not mentioning a problem doesn’t make it go away. I bring it up now because as an American it is abundantly clear that my country has a smorgasbord of disgusting racial problems. We are the poster child for racial inequality even still with a black president

But its NO SECRET! And that I can fight against. I can try to prepare and teach my son. Because its out there. But you can’t fight for or against something no one is willing to talk about or even admit exist. Everyone wants to be politically correct. But who really cares?

And what does that help. I could go on and on. I won’t. But maybe someone will start to talk about it from here.

Ledisi Discusses Nick Ashford Death & Ashford & Simpson Legacy

Ledisi 'Pieces Of Me'

Ledisi spoke with The Huffington Post about her new album ‘Pieces of Me’, preparing to tour, the book she’s writing, and the death of Nick Ashford of Ashford & Simpson.

“They taught us how to sustain love, how to love. I mean, it’s just amazing that I had the opportunity to sit and talk and get to know them on a more personal level,” Ledisi said about Ashford & Simpson. “And then to see how they support up-and-coming artists at their club, The Sugar Bar. It’s just amazing. They’ve always stayed current and supported a lot of the younger artists and a lot of the younger writers. Just to have that small bond with them – I’m really sad. I don’t know what to say to him being gone. You’re used to two and now there’s only one.”

Ne-Yo Having Fun Rapping & Singing On ‘101’ Mixtape


Ne-Yo spoke with Vibe on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, where the artist talked about his forthcoming ‘101’ mixtape, hosted by Kevin Hart. “The mixtape is just me having fun, so I might to a little rapping, a little singing. I might say some stuff that I probably wouldn’t normally say, but it’s a mixtape, so we can do that.” As for those who are critical of his rapping efforts, the 31-year-old said, “I don’t care if you didn’t dig it because I’m not a rapper – to hell with you.” The brief interview video at has since been removed.