Alcohol Doesn’t Agree With Bertell


Bertell Young checked in with his Twitter followers (@BertellYoung) on Labor Day, not feeling well despite only having a couple drinks the prior night. The Atlanta based R&B artist also provided a word of caution with regards to alcohol on a weekend where drunk drivers are targeted. Bertell writes:

Friends don’t let friends drive under the influence be safe today……

Yo hangovers are the worst I know I only had 2 drinks

I don’t even have a drunk feeling head just pounding I haven’t had a drink in a long time either… More reason to not drink.

Keri Hilson Fumes Over Mobile Phone Memory Card Issues

Keri Hilson fingernails

Keri Hilson checked in with her Twitter followers (@MissKeriBaby) earlier today, frustrated with her mobile phone after a switch of the shell somehow messed up her memory card. The 28-year-old singer writes:

Please tell me how its possible that switching the housing (shell) on my phone can result in losing ALL MY MEMORY?! Music, pics…GONE! GRR

If that company doesn’t bring my ish back somehow, I will put them on so much BLAST!!!!!!! I’m so sentimental. I need my pics, man. WTF

Did I mention he accomplished wiping out TWO phones while changing damn cases? My assistant’s phone is wiped out too. He did something wrong :(

Taking phones back…wish us luck. Or wish HIM luck *evil serious face*

So, the card itself wasn’t damaged! Was able to upload pics on my comp. *wipes forehead* but my phone still doesn’t recognize the card :/

Moral of the story: Back up anything you deem important on your phones—NOW!!!!!! Ya just never know. Close call…punk broke my ish.

Shontelle Readies New Single ‘Reflection’ On New Label


Shontelle spoke with MuuMuse about her plans in wake of her label Motown Records folding. “Now I’m on Republic. It’s a brand new label, brand new situation, which is probably going to mean a brand new album,” the Barbadian artist revealed. “Actually, we just decided which single is going to be next… My new single–look out for it, it’s called ‘Reflection’. It’s coming out soon.”

J. Holiday Promises To Make Up For Missed Ghana Gig

J. Holiday

J. Holiday checked in with fans on his Twitter (@KingJHoliday) after the artist was reported to have had “refused to show up in Ghana for the much publicized ‘Mario and J Holiday Live In Ghana’ Concert scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2011 organized by 233 Connect.” Shontelle was his replacement for the event. The 26-year-old told followers:

Don’t believe the hype. If I ever don’t make it to a show it’s usually the promotions team. #whoislying

@QuintaPerez Nah we were coming promo and biz was just not on point. Ghana will definately get the show they deserve. That’s my word

Roc Royal Wins Mindless Behavior Hand Washing Contest

Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior

Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior checked in with his Twitter followers (@roc_royal) on July 31st, talking about some contests he had with his bandmates as the Los Angeles R&B group prepares to release their debut album on Interscope Records. Roc Royal writes:

Me and Ray doin random stuff. We had a contest to see who could wash there hands the fastest (I won) and an eating contest and… he won. =(

I won a race with Princeton. I am about to race Prodigy and Ray after a water break. #tired!

Casely Explains His Songwriting Process

singer Casely

Casely answered several questions from his supporters on, including one asking the process he goes through writing his next hit song. “Well the process varies from song to song, but generally I’ll start with the music,” the Fort Lauderdale, Florida R&B singer explained. “Then lay down melodies on the mic so I make sure I capture the first melodic ideas that pop in my head… As I’m doing that I freestyle some words and then just go back – listen – and then fill in the blanks.”

Keri Hilson Can’t Have Songwriting Without Singing

Keri Hilson stopped by Cee Lo Green’s new show ‘Talking to Strangers’ the other night and the two chatted about how Keri manages to balance her professional and personal lives. Keri later treated the audience to a performance of her hit ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ and Cee Lo surprised her on stage.

“I like to have my cake and eat it too,” Hilson said about whether she prefers songwriting or being an artist. “I really can’t have one without the other because being an artist was my first dream. Songwriting was my plan B, and I learned to love it. I never even knew it would take off as fast and as far as it did. I never guessed I would write for Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige, who I grew up… Usher, Chris Brown.”

Keri kicks off her tour with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lloyd, and Far East Movement on July 13th in Hartford, CT. For a full list of tour dates and news, check out Keri’s official site,

A teaser of the interview and a clip of her performance at has since been removed.

Mario Promises ‘My Bed’ Will Hit Radio Soon

Mario singer

Mario Barrett checked in with his Twitter followers (@MarioSoulTruth) earlier today, talking about new music from his upcoming fifth album on J Records, as well as a desire to have collaborated with the late Aaliyah. The 24-year-old R&B singer writes:

Stay-tuned! The mastered version of “My Bed” will be on a radio near u!

I’m convinced that only great people can recognize greatness. Gods plan is king!

Wish Aaliyah was alive… Would’ve love to do a song with her.

British MPs Back Ban On Wild Animals In Circuses Supported By Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis black and white picture

Leona Lewis helped lead a campaign that forces the British government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. The Islington-born pop star weighed in on the debate which took place in the House of Commons on Wednesday (June 22) after 10,000 people backed the ban in a public consultation in 2010. On Thursday, members of parliament agreed without taking a vote to back a motion directing the government to introduce a “regulation banning the use of all wild animals in circuses from July 2012.”

“I know that many MPs agree with the vast majority of the public and would like to see an end to this practice,” ‘The X Factor’ winner said. “Even Defra’s public consultation, carried out last year, resulted in an enormous 94.5% public support for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.”

Ciara Aims To Keep In Shape, Not Get Super Skinny

Ciara in a dress

Ciara talked with Us Weekly about her obsession with walking around without clothing, and how despite a five day a week workout schedule with trainer Gunnar Peterson, she isn’t aiming to be super skinny. “I can lose weight easily and I don’t like to do that,” the 25-year-old said. “I’m not trying to lose and get small. I just want to keep shape and I just want to focus on abs and glutes.”