Online Chat With B5’s Kelly And Brian

Kelly and Bryan Breeding from the sibling R&B group B5 took part in an online chat with fans at on Wednesday (December 5). Asked what the guys dislike the most about being famous, Kelly responded, “I mean, just the privacy issue thing. That’s like the main thing. People don’t respect your privacy that much, they just do whatever. Everywhere you go… it’s not a big deal, but sometimes you can’t like go and see a movie, hang out with friends because people come up to you all the time and want to talk to you for hours. I’m like, ‘I just want to hang out with my people, you know?’ It’s not that big of a deal though.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Cassie AIM Interview

Cassie took part in an AIM interview with DonyaInMusic, where she discussed breaking out with help from Myspace, getting marriage proposals, modeling work, her style, the original ‘Me & U’ video, and more.

A transcript at has since been removed.

Danity Kane AIM Interview

Danity Kane members Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods talked with DonyaInMusic in an AIM chat about Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, their ‘Making The Band’ experience, new CD, and upcoming tour.

A transcript at has since been removed.

LeToya Luckett AIM Interview

LeToya Luckett took part in a chat via AIM with DonyaInMusic, where the former Destiny’s Child member discussed her new album, her relationship with the Knowles family, her Lady Elle store, and more.

A transcript at has since been removed.

Christina Milian AIM Interview

Christina Milian took part in an AIM Interview with DonyaInMusic, talking about fashion, her new movie, and all her guy rumors.

A transcript at has since been removed.

Beverley Knight Online Chat

Beverley Knight took part in an online chat with fans at GMTV earlier this month, and was asked if chart success is important to her. “To me personally it’s certainly not what drives my career, it’s more important as a measure of success to my record label and the media generally,” Knight said. “The way I measure my own success is the man on the street coming up to me saying: ‘I love that song, I relate to that song’.”

The transcript at has since been removed.

Joss Stone Not All Hype, But Not Radio Friendly

Steve Jones of USA Today took part in an online chat with readers on Tuesday and was asked about Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez, and Joss Stone. Asked if he thought Stone was all hype, Jones responded, “No she’s not hype. As a soul singer she is really good. However, the nature of her music is such that its not going to get a lot of spins on rhythmic, hip hop or pop stations. She’s genuinely old school.”

The transcript at has since been removed.

Online Chat With Mario

Just before he releases his new album ‘Turning Point’, Mario stops by MSN to chat with fans about what it’s like achieving your dreams so young. Check out the chat on Thursday (December 2) at 8pm ET/5pm PT at

Online Chat On MSN With Ruben Studdard

‘American Idol’ season two champ Ruben Studdard drops by MSN for an online chat with fans on Monday (November 22) to talk about his new release ‘I Need an Angel’ and the upcoming season of the reality show. The chat takes place at 8PM ET/5PM PT. Check out more details at

Whitney Houston And Clive Davis Reunion ‘Inevitable’

USA Today music writer Ken Barnes spoke with readers in an online chat on Tuesday and was asked if he caught the World Music Awards where Whitney Houston performed and world came out she is reuniting with Clive Davis. “Didn’t see it (have to watch enough awards shows for work that I don’t go out of my way to see the minor ones),” Barnes said. “As for reuniting with Clive, one word: inevitable. With the reality show coming, the time may be right for a Whitney comeback, but if Davis feeds her ballads the quality of the ones the American Idols have been saddled with lately, prospects may dim.”

The entire chat transcript at has since been removed.