Beyonce Hater?

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I laugh at everyone who claim that some people are so-called “HATERS” just because they don’t think that Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child is as hot as everyone thinks she is. Is Beyonce cute? YES! Is she a good entertainer? YES! But so are Mya, Brandy, Christina Milian, and Monica. But if I were to say, “Oh, in my opinion, Beyonce is alright, but she is not the hottest thing out there,” I would be called a “hater” and people would say that I am jealous and I am not happy with myself, yadda yadda yadda. Everyone has to realize that as Americans, we are entitled to our opinions. The same people who claim that others “hate” on Beyonce are “hating” on other artists out there. Under one breath, they say, “you are a jealous hater.” But then, those same people talk about someone else. This is my opinion about Beyonce and then this will be my last post about that. She is pretty and she is a good entertainer. But she is not the hottest one out. I like Alicia Keys. I get more enjoyment out of hearing her music. I like Monica. I think she can sing WAY better than Beyonce, and I LOVE Christina Milian. Honestly, when I first saw the “Dip It Low” video, I thought I was looking at Beyonce for a few seconds. But Christina Milian is way prettier in my opinion and she has the voice of an angel-similar to Tamia. Finally I also think Ashanti is prettier than Beyonce, but she is a little weak on the vocals. With that said, am I considered a “Beyonce Hater” because I feel the way I do?

USA Today Writer Comments On Joss Stone & Sleepy Brown

USA Today’s music writer Ken Barnes took part in an online chat with readers Tuesday (March 16), discussing his thoughts on Joss Stone and Sleepy Brown, amongst others. He said of Stone: “Joss is really interesting, and her version of the White Stripes’ Fell in Love with a Boy (Girl) actually is getting some radio airplay. Looking forward to her next album, at which time I think she’s a definite Grammy new artist candidate.” As for Sleepy Brown? “Haven’t heard much of Sleepy, just the Outkast song, but he seemed kinda cool in the profile Steve Jones did of him last week. If his album does well, he’s another good new-artist candidate.”

The transcript at has since been removed.

Would Beyonce Have It So Easy If Aaliyah Were Still Alive?

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Aaliyah was everything a real artist was suppose to be, very gifted and talented and so beautiful. If Aaliyah was still alive Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles wouldn’t be in the spot light so much and people wouldn’t be throwing Grammys and awards at her like it’s candy or something.

Everything that Beyonce is doing trust me Aaliyah would have been doing it. Beyonce is not on the same level as Aaliyah. Beyonce can sing really good but that is it. Aaliyah can sing, dance and act. Unlike Beyonce. Aaliyah was way more talented that Beyonce herself. I wander if Aaliyah was still alive will Beyonce be getting all the attention she is getting now? No she wouldn’t because Aaliyah would have been in every female artist way. She would have been on top of the game knocking everyone out of the way. People should stop kissing Beyonce’s ass acting like she is they best thing that ever came into the music business…because she is not. Specially for someone that just shakes their butt through the whole performance showing their g-string and screaming and yelling.

Ashanti’s Time of Shining Is Over

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Ashanti, the wannabe Aaliyah, Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige has proved to the haters everytime when she comes out with a video a record or when she sings live on stage. She can’t sing for sh**, she is flat and off key her dancing is horrible. Just as bad as her singing. And she proved that in her newest video ‘Break Up To Make Up Remix’. If you have seen the video can you say “Beyonce wannabe” with me and “jock”.

Why Can’t Some Female RnB Artists Keep Men?

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If you listen the radio you’ll notice that a hell of a lot of RnB songs are male-bashing, bitter, female chauvinistic songs, dogging men out.

Not to say that all the songs on “Hoes and Bitches” aren’t demeaning either but come on; you turn up the radio and hear all these songs saying stuff like,
“Oh no, he didn’t!”
“Can you pay my bills?”
“I keep on running back to you.”

Who Are You To Talk Alicia Keys?

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Alicia Keys said that contestants on ‘American Idol’ are just in it for the fame, not the music. What a hypocrite! If she is so into her music that she doesn’t want fame, then why did she chase a record deal for all those years?

Why can’t she just admit it? Just like Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and Ashanti, she’s always wanted fame and fortune to “nicely” accompany the music.

Stop Judging Ashanti

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I don’t know why, but people are getting so gullible and naive these days, they watch Punk’d and automatically think that they know the whole story about artists and their behavior. Yeah, Ashanti may have come off rude but if you took the time to watch Diary or When I was 17 you would know that there’s more to her than being famous.

She’s really family oriented and down-to-earth but obviously Punk’d is not gonna show that because the aim of the show is to catch celebrities at their worst and film it. If you’ve met her and she snubbed you then fine, call her a bitch. But don’t blame her for being upset after having a bad day when people have pissed her off.

Anyways, it’s nothing that Beyonce Knowles wouldn’t do.

Gundersen: Alicia Keys Isn’t Overrated

Music critic Edna Gundersen of USA Today took part in an online chat on Tuesday with readers, and was asked about her thoughts on Alicia Keys. “I don’t think she’s overrated at all, and I love her new album,” she said. “That said, I do think there’s a strong tendency on the part of many rap and R&B artists to borrow too heavily from the past. Keys is guilty of that to a degree, but she brings more than enough individual flair and vision to the table.”

The chat transcript at has since been removed.

Beyonce Is Not All That

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Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles is not the leader of the pack, she’s no better than any other NAKED, butt shaking artists. The only reason she’s so talked about is because there’s no one else to talk about. She got lucky and became a big success during a time when the female R&B pot was low on artist, she had no one to compete against that’s why it looks like she’s so great, she’s actually getting over on the public by being the only one in her field that accepts disrespect.

Support Ruben Studdard On December 9th

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Every morning while having breakfast at my desk, I go online to read the Daily News. Today, I see another article about that freakin’ Clay Aiken (who came in second place in this year’s American Idol competition) and how his album, which debuted this week, is number one on the Billboard charts.

Don’t get me wrong, Clay has a nice voice. But Clay did not win the competition. Ruben Studdard did.