Stevie Wonder Concert In Auckland

Stevie Wonder performed at Vector Arena on Thursday (October 30) in Auckland, New Zealand. At one point the singer was joined by his daughter Aisha Morris on stage. “So forget about having a talk with God, because the sold-out crowd is worshipping only one deity tonight, the blind, head-bobbing bloke up there on keyboards,” Scott Kara of the New Zealand Herald wrote about the show.

Jennifer Hudson Attempts To Be All Things To All People On Debut

'Jennifer Hudson' album cover

J. Freedom du Lac of the Washington Post reviewed Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled debut album, suggesting the Oscar winner’s debut is “all over the place stylistically as she attempts to be all things to all people – or, at least, to all hip-hop, gospel, soul and pop fans, with the album’s army of songwriters and producers jerking her from idiom to idiom.” Still, despite those shortcomings, the ‘American Idol’ alum “shows plenty enough on her debut to reinforce that she’s a major talent whose career will be worth following.” Read more.

Alicia Keys ‘As I Am’ Review

Alicia Keys in a chair

Roger Friedman of reviewed Alicia Keys’ new album ‘As I Am’, out next Tuesday (November 13) on J Records. “To say it’s spectacular is an understatement,” Friedman writes. “Keys, 27, just six years in the music business, is one of the two or three reasons to even hope that pop has a future. Without her, Rob Thomas, John Legend and John Mayer, we would have to just pack up and go home. But Keys is different. The 14 tracks on “As I Am” show a musical maturity and growth that are simply breathtaking.” Read more.

Friedman: Alicia Keys’ New Album Should Be A Hit For Many Months

Alicia Keys 'As I Am' album cover

Roger Friedman of was on hand as Alicia Keys performed tracks from her upcoming album ‘As I Am’ at the fourth annual Keep A Child Alive benefit. Friedman writes that “the new material is extraordinary modern R&B glossed with ’70s soul, from the single ‘No One’ — No. 1 on the charts — to the driving rocker ‘Go Head’, the anthemic ballad ‘Superwoman’ and a pair of insanely good singles, ‘That’s the Thing About Love’ and ‘Like You’ll Never See Me Again’, that should make the new CD a hit for many months.” Read more.

Friedman: Beyonce’s A ‘Dreamgirls’ Knockout Too

Beyonce Knowles bejeweled

Roger Friedman of has more on ‘Dreamgirls’, including his take on the controversy that Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles is jealous of the hype her co-star in the project, Jennifer Hudson, has been receiving. “As for Beyonce, don’t believe those stories you’ll read in the tabs about bad blood between her and the other ‘Dreamgirls’, or that Knowles isn’t a ‘star’ in her own movie,” Friedman writes. “While Jennifer Hudson certainly has the showier role, Beyonce is a knockout in this movie. All four of the principals including Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy are going to be ‘overnight sensations’ when the film opens in limited release on Dec. 15.” Read more.

‘Dreamgirls’ Fulfills Oscar Dreams

Roger Friedman of writes, “Last night, at the very first screening of [‘Dreamgirls’], the invited audience cheered, laughed and applauded throughout the show. It’s not a leap to say that ‘Dreamgirls’ will be a huge hit, an Oscar nominee and the de facto winner of the Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical.”

Update: The review at has since been removed.

Beyonce Underperforms In ‘Deja Vu’

Admin note: This story was anonymously submitted.

I just finished listening to Beyonce Knowles’ lastest single off her upcoming album ‘B-Day’ called ‘Deja Vu’. The track features Jay-Z and is meant to wow people by the overload of bass in the chorus. However, the people have heard it and they are not wowed. The song is garnering lukewarm reviews from radio station listeners and I too am one of those people. Personally, I believe Beyonce can produce a better song than this rushed disaster. I am a big fan and was very disappointed with this so-called comeback from a 2-yr absence in the industry. What do you think?

Jamie Foxx Scores ‘Unpredictable’ R&B Success With Smooth CD

Jamie Foxx 'Unpredictable' album cover

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed Jamie Foxx’s debut album ‘Unpredictable’, impressed with the actor’s singing skills. “As it turns out, Foxx’s singing has nothing tentative or camouflaged – the two most common pitfalls of actors-turned-vocalists,” Farber writes. “His voice has a genuine and specific character – enough to shade, and in some cases redefine, the meaning of the material he’s given.” The full review at has since been removed.

Neo-soul Duo Floetry Delivers Groundbreaking Show

Floetry FloOlogy

Gary Jackson of the Hollywood Reporter was on hand for Floetry’s hour-plus set at the Roxy on November 30th. Jackson writes that the duo “blended insightful lyrics, solid stage presence, a tight band and intricate vocal weavings to satisfy their fawning audience.”

No More Drama, But Blige Can Still Sing Like A Drama Queen

Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian reviewed Mary J. Blige’s new album ‘The Breakthrough’, giving it 3 out of 5 stars. Sullivan says that “to criticize ‘The Breakthrough’ is to reckon without the stunning power of her voice. Blige may be celebrating no more drama in her life, but when she wants to, she can still sing like a drama queen. These are The ‘Breakthrough’s high points.” She added, “The lyrics may be wet, but she sings with cool conviction, not wasting a note, and certainly not indulging in Dionesque hit-that-crescendo rubbish.” Read more.