Beyonce Performs In Shanghai

Beyonce Knowles attended a press conference ahead of the first Shanghai concert of her ‘Beyonce Experience 2007 World Tour’ on November 5th in Shanghai, China. Check out pictures from the press conference at GettyImages. Watch fan filmed highlight clips from the concert at the Shanghai Grand Stage at YouTube. Check out pictures from the concert at China Foto Press.

Top Omarion September Search Queries

Top searches for Omarion on Yahoo!’s pay-per-search engine in the month of September are in, with the singer receiving 352,668 searches for the month. His most searched for song was ‘Entourage’, while references to his previous group, B2K, were few. The most common misspelling was Omarian, followed by Omario.

Top Beyonce Search Queries In May

Searches for Beyonce Knowles in the month of May on Yahoo’s pay-per search engine far exceeded her Destiny’s Child bandmates. “Beyonce” received 590,156 searches, “Beyonce Knowles” got 302,092 searches. By comparison, Kelly Rowland received only 55,995 searches, and Michelle Williams stumbled far behind with only 1,768 searches. As for the singer’s family, she also was well out in front, as father Matthew got 3,502 searches, mother Tina received 968 searches, and sister Solange came in with 9,596 searches. Several searches related to boyfriend Jay-Z and that memorable video of a baby dancing to ‘Crazy In Love’ as featured on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’. The top misspellings were Beonce, followed by Beyoncã.

Top Nivea November Search Queries

Searches for Nivea on pay-per search engine were fairly strong, though likely were boosted by the popular skin care product baring the same name. Nivea received 43,804 searches, while her popular breakout hit ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’ was her most searched for song. The most searched for misspelling was Nevea.

Top Ginuwine Searches In September

Searches for Ginuwine in the month of September were pretty large on pay-per search engine The crooner got 64,918 searches for ‘Ginuwine’. His new single ‘Stingy’ on the ‘Barbershop’ soundtrack was the most searched for song. The correct spelling of the word ‘genuwine’ only got 8,374 searches, and was the most popular “misspelled” search for the singer, followed by a real misspelling, Giniwine.

Top Ashanti August Search Queries

Searches for Ashanti last month on pay-per search engine were pretty strong, with the young R&B phenom getting 338,599 searches. And unlike pop tarts Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, she received more searches for her lyrics than nude photos. Her most searched for song is her new release ‘Baby’, which debuted on 106 And Park on Friday. Also amongst the searches were the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards and the controversy surrounding her Aretha Franklin award… ‘Ashanti petition’ received 2,479 searches. The most popular misspelling was Asanti, follwed by Ashanty.

Top Samantha Mumba August Searches

Samantha Mumba searches got a bit of a bump in August with the release of the ‘I’m Right Here’ video in the U.S. Samantha Mumba received 18,563 searches last month on pay-per search engine Several of the searchers were hoping to find nude photos of the Irish stunner. The most often misspelled search was Samatha Mumba, followed by Samanta Mumba.

3LW Top Search Queries In August

Searches for 3LW on pay-per search engine were huge during the month of August. The group received 177,364 searches for ‘3LW’, while the most searched for member was Adrienne, followed by Naturi, with Kiely being the least popular member. References to their break-up were mixed throughout the results with the news beginning to leak out mid-August. Their most searched for song was ‘I Do’.

Top Amerie Searches And Misspellings

Searches for Amerie were strong in July on pay-per search engine, helped by her hit single ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love?’, followed by ‘All I Have’. The Singer received 45,380 searches, while the most popular misspelling was Ameri, followed by Amarie. Searches for her collaborations with Nas and Ludacris were also amongst the top searches.

Craig David Top July Search Queries

Searches for Craig David during the month of July on pay-per search engine were pretty strong, though Craig still only gets about 1/3 the search interest as Usher, probably the most popular R&B artist today. The most popular song for searches was ‘Walking Away’, followed by ‘7 Days’, while the most common misspelling was ‘Craig Davids’, followed by Creg David.