Maxwell Searches Hold Flat

Searches for Maxwell were relatively flat from when we last checked September of last year. For the month, ‘Maxwell’ garnered 25,338 searches on pay-per search engine during the month of February, while his most searched for song was ‘This Woman’s Work.’ As with last time, finding the full birthname of Maxwell (his real middle name) have been impossible. Though I did read that someone who went to high school with him claimed it was ‘Gerald’.

Searches For Aaliyah Cool A Bit

Well searches for Aaliyah are still very strong but they have dipped slightly from August and September figures on pay-per search engine The singer got 362,784 searches for the month of February while her most searched for song was ‘More Than A Woman’, followed by ‘Back And Forth’. The most common misspelling was Aliyah with 8,274 searches, followed by Aaliah with 7313, though misspellings were numerous as one might expect.

Ashanti Is One To Watch

Search engine newsletter Lycos 50 today profiled the quick search rise of Ashanti on the company’s search engine in the last three weeks. Her searches have quadrupled from three weeks ago. Too bad there isn’t much to land on. Her official website has yet to launch.

The story at has since been removed.

Blu Cantrell Most Identified With Nudity In Searches

Search interest in R&B singer Blu Cantrell has focused almost entirely on the singer’s nude photo shoot with Black Tail several years ago before she was a star. Searches have almost 4x more interest in seeing her nude than reading her lyrics. Searches on pay-per search engine had the singer searched for 12,757 times during the month of February. The most searched for song was ‘Hit Em Up Style’, while the most searched misspelling was ‘Blue Cantrell’, follwed by ‘Blu Cantrel’.

IMX Searches Huge In February

IMX fans flooded the internet in January but they don’t have many places to find information on the R&B juniors. The band’s official site, redirects to MCA Music’s homepage, where there is not longer any info on the group, so perhaps they are in the process of switching labels? In any event, pay-per search engine showed 109,062 searches for the group, about half as many searches as rival band B2K. The group’s most searched for song was ‘First Time’.

Aaliyah Most Searched For R&B Artist

I’ve compiled list of the most searched for musicians in January and by a huge margin, Britney Spears headed the pack. With over 2.5 million searches, the singer dwarfed runner up Jennifer Lopez (525,492 searches). The most searched for R&B singer was Aaliyah, coming in at #5. Others on the list include Usher at #17 and Pink at #20.

B2K Searches Huge In January

B2K searches on pay-per search engine were very high during the month of January, approaching top boy bands Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC with over 187,000 searches in the month. The group’s most popular song was ‘Love You’, followed by ‘Uh Huh’, while there were few misspellings because of the relatively simple name, but B3k was the most common, followed by B2L.

Top 112 Search Queries In January

Pay-per search engine has their list of the top 112 search queries during the most of January posted. The group had over 44,000 searches for their band name. The group’s most popular album was Peaches and Cream, while the most popular member was Michael Keith (though all of the members appear relatively anonymous by name, with Marvin Scandrick and Quinnes Parker receiving under 25 searches).

Top Blaque Search Queries has their list of the top search queries regarding the group Blaque. The trio received 8,717 searches during the month of December on the search engine, while the most popular member was Natina Reed with 697 searches, followed by Shamari Fear with 128 searches, and Brandi Williams with 125 searches. The group’s most searched for song was ‘As If’.

Lycos 50 Announces Top 10 R&B Acts

Lycos 50, the search engine watch newsletter run by, has published their list of the top R&B acts for 2001. FYI, four on the list we include on, including the most searched for artist, J.Lo:

1) Jennifer Lopez

2) Aaliyah

3) R. Kelly

4) Michael Jackson

5) Usher

6) Pink

7) Mariah Carey

8) Janet Jackson

9) Destiny’s Child

10) Alicia Keys