Top Brandy Searches In December

Before news of her pregnancy or marriage came out in December, searches for R&B singer Brandy didn’t have a tremendous amount of search engine interest on Brandy was searched for 29,563 times, while assuming most searches were for the singer. Her full name of Brandy Norwood got 4,199 searches. The singer’s most popular song was ‘Have You Ever’, followed by ‘The Boy Is Mine’. The most popular misspelling was ‘Brandi’ with 3561, followed by ‘Brandie’ with 217.

Top Faith Evans December Search Queries

Faith Evans garnered 17,811 searches for her name during the month of December on pay-per search engine, putting her at around the level of fallen R&B star Sisqo. The singer’s most searched for tune was ‘You Gets No Love’ while the most common misspelling was ‘Faith Evens’ with 1116 searches, followed by Faith Evan with 154.

Top Craig David Search Queries In December

Pay per search engine has their list of top Craig David searches for the month of December up, and the singer received a respectable 52,145 searches for ‘Craig David’. This puts him well behind Usher though well ahead of Sisqo. Craig’s most searched for song was ‘Fill Me In’, followed by ‘7 Days’, while his most misspelled name was ‘Criag David’ with 560 searches, followed by ‘Craig Davids’ with 420 searches.

Top Usher Searches In December

Usher was huge in searches on pay per search engine during the month of December, getting nearly 200,000 searches, putting him at similar levels of popularity as boybands *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. His most searched for related song apparently is ‘You Got It Bad’, getting nearly 5,000 searches. Usher’s top misspelled query was ‘Ushr’ with 460 searches, followed by ‘Uhser’ with 313 searches.

Top R. Kelly Search Queries

Well R. Kelly was big on the search engines even before these latest underage sex allegations emerged. The singer recieved 80,844 searches (one word search ‘rkelly’ combined) on pay-per-search engine during the month of December, well behind Usher but well ahead of fading R&B singer Sisqo. Many searches related to his hit ‘The World’s Greatest’. His most searched for song was ‘The World’s Greatest’, followed by ‘Fiesta’ and ‘I Wish’.

Top Anastacia Search Queries And Misspellings

Pay per search engine has their search results for Anastacia related searches during the month of November. For the month, the singer received 26,844 queries for ‘Anastacia’ while her most common name misspelling was ‘Anastasia’ right behind with 17,864 searches, and Anastatia well behind with 219. Her most searched for songs were ‘Freak Of Nature’ with 660 searches, followed by ‘Paid My Dues’ with 597.

Top Tyrese Search Queries has their list for the top Tyrese related searches for the month of September posted. Not a whole lot of interest in the singer/actor/model as 6,765 searches for ‘Tyrese’ occurred last month, 259 for his full name of ‘Tyrese Gibson.’ The most popular song was ‘Sweet Lady’ with 109 searches, followed by ‘What Am I Gonna Do’ with 64. The most common misspelling was Tyrees with 86 searches.

Top India.Arie Search Queries has its list of the top India.Arie related searches for the month of September posted. Topping the list is ‘India Arie’ with 5,654 even though her name includes a period, that search (India.Arie) received 669 searches. It is my understanding that India.Arie is her actual name, not a stage name, though I can’t imagine it was her birthname and I couldn’t find that information. The most common misspelling was Indie Arie, followed by India Arie.

Maxwell Is Private… So How Do You Search?

One of the problems with finding info on the web for R&B musician Maxwell is that he won’t reveal his full birthname… Even I couldn’t find it after an exhaustive search. So the September search results for ‘Maxwell’ related terms reveal all sorts of terms; air force bases, Maxwell House coffee, etc. Maxwell has said of his web unfriendly name, “I would prefer not to tell you my full name. I have many, many names.. Since I’m half Puerto Rican, half West Indian, everyone wants to name you, so Maxwell’s like the best way to consolidate.” His most searched for song was ‘Lifetime’, followed by ‘This Woman’s Work’.

Top 100 Aaliyah Search Terms And Mispellings

August saw a gigantic number of Aaliyah related searches on, and any other search engine, likely 98% of it in the last week of the month following the tragic death of the singer and her entourage on August 25. For the month, there were 583,533 searches for ‘Aaliyah’ while there were a combined equal number, if not more, misspellings of her hard to spell name. Her most searched for song was ‘We Need A Resolution’, followed by ‘Try Again’. The most searched for misspelling was ‘Aaliyah’ with 583,533 searches, followed by ‘Alliyah’ with 27,122.