Jill Scott August Search Queries

Certainly not much search traffic last month for Jill Scott on Goto.com during the month of August. The term ‘Jill Scott’ was searched for 9,362 times while unlike many female singers, there was absolutely no interest in ‘Jill Scott nude’. Her most searched for song was ‘The Way’, followed by ‘A Long Walk’.

Destiny’s Child Members August Search Results

I’m sure none of you will be surprised to learn that during the month of August on Goto.com, Beyonce led all current and former members of Destiny’s Child in numbers of searches attempted on the pay-per-click portal.

The term ‘Beyonce Knowles’ got 13,869 searches while ‘Beyonce’ got 6,961. Bandmate Michelle Williams got 5,348 searches, while Kelly Rowland got only 840. As for the ex-members, ‘Latoya Luckett’ got a measly 60 searches, Latavia Roberson 242, and latest ex member Farrah Franklin got 582.