Nneka Learned To Use Her Heart Onstage Watching Lenny Kravitz

Nneka sitting

Nneka spoke with Windy City Times in a Q&A, where the Nigerian soul singer talked about speaking four languages, her latest album ‘Soul Is Heavy’, the inspiration behind her song ‘J’, teaming up with Ms Dynamite on ‘Sleep’ and how touring with Lenny Kravitz has been.

“He was amazing. He is a humble person,” Nneka said about Kravitz. “Usually smaller artists like me go on tour with someone like him to broaden your horizons. He blew me away. It made me think about the way to create music. I learned to use my heart onstage by watching him. He came to say thank you to me instead of the other way around!”

The-Dream Loves The Spotlight

The-Dream 'Love King'

LA Weekly caught up with The-Dream in a Q&A, asking the record producer turned R&B singer if it has been difficult to move from being a behind the scenes guy to a celebrity and subject to gossip, most notably his brief marriage with Christina Milian that resulted in their daughter Violet Madison Nash. “Mmm-hmm. I love it, though,” the 34-year-old said. “It’s great. I’d rather be the guy that doesn’t hide. I’d rather you pick holes in me. I get to be the literal face of what a man is, how he succeeds, how he fails. I’d rather be all those things than just casting a light that’s bright and shiny. That ain’t me. Who wants to be that guy, really?” Read more.

Eric Benet Takes Contemporary Approach To Old-School On New Album

Singer Eric Benet

Eric Benet spoke with Essence about his new single ‘Real Love’, married life, having a baby on the way and the inspiration for his new album, due out next year. “A lot of my music reflects wherever I am in my life. I’m in a really great place right now,” the 40-year-old said. “My last album was a bit of an homage to ’70s soul, but with this record I’m going to take a very contemporary approach to old-school songwriting integrity. I still want to record most of my stuff live with dope musicians, as opposed to just loops and a drum machine.”

Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton Have A Great Vibe On ‘So In Love’

Jill Scott

Anthony Hamilton spoke with AL.com about touring with Jill Scott and collaborating on her new album’s first single, ‘So in Love’. “Working with Jill is great. We both give it our all. We have a great vibe on ‘So In Love’,” Hamilton said. “I, along with my producing partner, Kelvin Wooten, both thought of her when we created ‘So In Love’. Kelvin’s actually from Huntsville, Alabama – he’s my musical soulmate and can create anything. It turned out to be a great love song and is still number one after 20 weeks.”

Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman On The State Of R&B

Boyz II Men

Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men spoke with Creative Loafing in a Q&A, where the 38-year-old was asked to compare R&B music in 1991 when the group released their debut album ‘Cooleyhighharmony’ to R&B music in 2011. Stockman’s answer reflected the dearth in the genre at the moment.

The sad truth is that not many artists are creating great R&B records anymore, and if they are those are the songs that the labels are weeding out in the album finalization process in fear of the sound being dated. While many artists have their fans grow old with them, our fans grow old but they also pass our music down to their children, which allows our fan base to skew much younger than one would think. Given the fact that the sound of music has changed so much over the past 20 years, introducing our music to younger fans is almost like introducing a brand-new style of music.

Lloyd Aims To Reach R&B’s Upper Echelon

Lloyd rnb

Lloyd spoke with Global Grind in a Q&A, where the R&B star talked about his latest album ‘King Of Hearts’ and where he wants to be musically five years from now. “I see myself continuing to be amongst the upper echelon of my genre, you know amongst music elites,” the 25-year-old said. “I really see myself as somewhat being more hands on with my music, you know producing, writing, composing and performing the music.”

Monica Excited About Her Upcoming Album ‘New Life’

Monica window

Monica spoke with RealityWanted.com in a Q&A, talking about how she’s been helping out Cee-Lo on ‘The Voice’ and what fans can expect from her soon. “Well, I’m looking forward to my new album ‘New Life’. It’s coming later this year. I’m excited about that,” the singer said. “My family and I are doing some really fun things this summer. My husband and I have been experiencing some really great things. We’ve only been married 6 months. Having someone to share everything with has been so much fun and so refreshing and so uplifting for me. Sometimes, being in the music industry for as long as I have can feel like the weight of the world. It’s lifted so much off me to have someone to genuinely love.”

Keri Hilson Wants A Guy With His Priorities In Check

Keri Hilson looking serious

UsMagazine.com spoke with Keri Hilson in a Q&A, asking the R&B singer what she looks for in a guy. “I look for a guy who has his priorities in check – thats very important,” the 28-year-old said. “He has to put his family first and respects and loves his mother. A guy who is taller than me preferably and one who would go to church or at least pray and have some sort of deeper self. I want kids one day. There are five kids in my family, and I want what I had growing up. I want at least three kids. But five? I don’t want to drive myself crazy like my mom probably did. I think three is a good number.” Read more.

Balancing Family Life And Music Doesn’t Faze Bilal


The Root spoke with Bilal about the difficulties balancing the demands of being a musician and a family life, especially considering his youngest son has Sickle Cell and his oldest son has Autism. “It’s life. Life is life. I draw from life to make art … nothing really kind of fazes [me] as far as my life is concerned,” the 31-year-old responded. “I kind of look at it like Einstein looked at it; there was no real title on what he did; he just did it. So I don’t think I’m one of those types of people that sacrifices my personal life for my artistic endeavors. I think everything in life is art; you just have to have an eye.” Read more.

Jaheim: I Feel My Style Is Unique

Jaheim in a leather jacket

Jaheim recently did a Q&A session with Vibe magazine, where the 32-year-old R&B star explained how he’s still a success in today’s Auto-Tune era of R&B. “At this point in my career, it’s not about what the music industry wants,” Jaheim said. “It’s about what I want. My legacy started the day I stepped out. I stand strong in my positioning. Not to be conceited, but while I love a lot of stuff out there, I feel as though my style is unique. It’s a technique to it. It’s a pinch of this and a pinch of that that makes my sound.” Check out the entire interview at Vibe.com.