Chante Moore Spiritually Exposed

Contributed Anonymously:

It’s not uncommon to hear R&B or Pop singers declare that they were church-reared and that they received most of their musical training singing before hat-wearing fan-waving congregations on Sunday mornings.

It is rare, however, to find a singer who has sold platinum singles and has gold-certified albums, yet still devotes time and actively participates in her local ministry. That’s the case with Chanté Moore. Chanté debuted on the music scene in 1992 with her Silas/MCA release “Precious.” The album scored big and Moore became a hit in both R&B and jazz circles alike. She went on to release 1994’s “Love Supreme,” but it was the 1999 release of “This Moment Is Mine” that earned Chanté major attention for her sensual single, “Chanté’s Got A Man At Home.”

That song became the topic of Sunday morning messages and women’s conferences across the country. Preachers sermonized, “Chanté’s got a man at home…but she’s shacking, and that’s a sin!” Little did these preachers and speakers know that Chanté’s man at home was actually her husband and the father of her five-year-old daughter, actor Kadeem Hardison. Hardison, the former star of the hit show “Different World,” and Chanté were secretly married several years before the song’s actual release. Ironically, the two filed for divorce nearly a year after the song became a hit.

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