Chilli & T-Boz Of TLC Phone In To MTV’s TRL

TLC members T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye

A very emotional Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas and Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins phoned in to TRL (just before they phoned CNN) to talk about the death of bandmate Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes yesterday in Honduras. Chilli was able to regain her composure about halfway through to share her thoughts, while their manager Bill Diggins shared what Left Eye’s mother had to say about fans who have shared their condolences following her daughter’s death. Read on for a transcript.

John: No one of course more devastated by the news than the women who
considered simply their sister. They join us on the phone right now ladies

John: Please accept our condolences. (Crying).

John: And thank you for joining us. Uhm, if one of you feels up to talking
can you tell us how you found out what happened?

T-Boz: Yes. This is T-Boz.

John: Hey, T-Boz.

T-Boz: Hi.

John: Uhm, how — how were you guys informed of what happened?

T-Boz: I heard it from Chilli who heard it from our manager first.

John: Had you guys spoken to Lisa recently?


T-Boz: I was in the hospital and she came to see me about 3 weeks ago.

John: About 3 weeks ago? And how was she doing?

T-Boz: She was doin’ good.

John: Right. So you guys had been close lately and in touch?

T-Boz: We were workin’ on an album. I had got sick so we all kinda took a break so I could get better and, you know, we all did our own thing until it was time to go back into the studio.

John: You know, T-Boz, as it happens i ran into Chilli a few days ago actually she probably remembers and seemed very excited about the record you guys were workin’ on. Had that been going well.

T-Boz: It was going great. We had a lot of nice songs together, kind.

John: Lisa was excited about it, as well.

T-Boz: Yeah, she was.

John: Chilli can you talk to me about when you last spoke to Lisa or heard from her?

Chilli: Well, uhm, the last time I talked to her, we were … and everything was goin’ good and, uh, it was right before T-Boz got sick and then we just recently started to get stuff back together and go back into the studio and waitin’ on her, you know to come back to join us in the studio.

T-Boz: We were goin’ in next week.

John: You guys — you guys released a statement today saying that this truly is like losing a sister. I would imagine that’s exactly what it felt
like for years now; right?

Chilli: Well, yeah. She is our sister. We are sisters. We’ve been together for over 10 years.

John: What do you guys hope people remember about Lisa and, also, I want to ask, do you feel like that she was in any way misunderstood by
the public as a result of some of the press she had gotten over the years?

Chilli: Very much so. Lisa had one of the biggest hearts of anybody we’ve ever known. She would take a stray person off the street and give them the shirt off her back and money out of per pockets, she did charity
work for kids all the time for Lupis, and that disease that people don’t know about. She adopted a little girl named “Snow” she was a very special person, very talented. She could air-brush paint, build furniture.

John: In fact she did volunteer work in Honduras right?

Chilli: Yes, she was. Lisa could do anything she put her mind too. She named all the titles of our albums, she did our stagein’ for ourours. She
did everything.

John: Right. Well, listen, i can’t imagine how hard it is for you guys
to not only be dealin’ with this but to all in and talk to us about it and we certainly appreciate it. We love you guys and all the best. Hang in there and best of luck in the future, whatever happens. Okay?

: Thank you.

Bill: John? This is Bill their manager.

John: Yes.

Bill: Lisa’s mother Miss Lopes would like to just give a statement thanking the fans for all of their love and support and all of the e-mails and letters and phone calls that she’s received and she’s very grateful for the love
that they are showing.

John: Well, bill, thanks for that. I’m sure the fans would echo that
they thank her and the other girls for 10 years of amazing memories. Bill, thanks a lot and ladies, thank you very much. Good luck.

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