Chris Brown & Raz B Twitter War Ft. Ricky Romance & Andre Merritt

went after on Twitter in response to the former B2K member’s Tweets about Chris abusing his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and allegations that Chris was romantically involved with Andre Merritt. Chris told his Twitter followers (@chrisbrown):

@razb2k nigga you want attention! Grow up nigga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy

Tell me this @razb2k!! Why when the money was coming in u won’t complaining about getting butplugged! #homothug!!!

I ain’t deleting my tweet either!! I was minding my damn business and Peter pan decides to pop off!!! # whatalame

I’m not mad though!!! I’m just not silent nor am i one of these scary R&B cats!!

I’m not homophobic! He’s just disrespectful!!!

@razb2k when I need tips on how to demolish my career I’ll call ya!!!!!

@razb2k it’s funny how I’m nominated for 3 grAmmys off of a mixtape and ur scrambling for change!!

@razb2k ur a x backup singer!!!!! What do u make? Like $1.99 an hour

@razb2k when you fart it whistle #walnutbandit

This argument lasted longer than your career @razb2k

@RICKYROMANCE all that tough guy sh** is for the birds!!! im good in LA homie.. remember that!!


@razb2k merry christmas.i just gave you 20 thousand more followers.. u shouldve did this first instead of telling the world you got raped.

@razb2k… you didnt get raped??? so that means you liked it.. #EPICFAIL

@razb2k you have a lower back tattoo that says “different strokes”

RAZBFACT: he can braid a niggaz hair with his toes!!!!! C’mon son

@razb2k AWWW YOUR butt hurt!!! literally.. i cant .. i gotta stop WHERE’s YOUR GrOUP???? Oh… i forgot .. they hate you!!

BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love

its wack as fu** that everybody can bash me… but soon as i defend myself its world war 3.I TAKE sh** FROM everybody… its cool though..

LOVE ALL MY SUPPORTERS and people who know my heart.HOMOPHOBE?c’mon,find a better tactic.thats pure ignorance and stupidity. i love everyone

Check out what Raz B, Ricky Romance and Andre Merritt had to say below the cut.

Raz B (@razb2k):

Im just sittin here Thinking how can niggas like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 @Rihanna

@Chrisbrown Do you hit your boyfriend @andre_merritt like you do your women?

@chrisbrown I luv how u resort 2 disrespectful low brow tactics when u clearly sabotaged ur own career by beating women!

Ur not homophobic, ur juz homosexual on the low! RT @chrisbrown I’m not homophobic! He’s just disrespectful!!!

yo @chrisbrown i heard about all yo BoyFriends & tell yo cheerleader @1omarion 2 shut the fu** up b4 i send J BOOG 2 fu** HIS MaMa again

@chrisbrown you steady talking about your career and homothugs but you have yet to respond about your boyfriend @Andre_Merritt

Fall back @RickyRomance I got this #Womenbeater

hey followers…. i want to apologize for fostering homophobia tweets.. this has nothing to do against my followers…

@Chrisbrown Since you took this that far! Dude, i wasnt Raped! what a disrespect to every Kid around the world that has been Molested!!!!!

@chrisbrown u victimize victims, ur a homophobe, ur on the down low & a woman beater. Merry Christmas & thx 4 showin every1 ur true colors

My step-dad is doin 25 2 life 4 abusin my mom & i heard U say ur mom was abused & this is how u represent urself by disrespectin WOMEN?!

@chrisbrown Dude you must really like Dudes! or you just a B2K fan! and this is how u spend 3hrs to show your true support!

@chrisbrown Is this your way of coming on to me???? Dude im not Gay! i was molested! stop disrespecting the LGBT community!

@chrisbrown Fact! i’ll be Starring in the KING of RHYTHM Movie! ike Tunner Life story! I have role for you!

@chrisbrown YOU need to stop Hidin behind that Michael jackson picture! MJ would never hit a Woman! you should take down Mike and PUT up IKE

@chrisbrown Oh yea, your Michael Jackson tribute was cool, until you made it about yourself!!!!! What a Disgrace!!!! God bless you too!

@Rihanna I see why you not with that Clown. Keep going hard I wish you the best with your success.

@chrisbrown how do u defend urself in that manner bro? I forgive u but u hve alot of pple 2 apologize to. u offended alot of abused pple

@chrisbrown u knw the world is an evil place.. so why did you play into wht the pple wanted ? My fault 4 bringing up ur past..

Ricky Romance (@RickyRomance):

@chrisbrown who you gonna pay in LA to watch your back WOMEN Beater?

My blood boiling over this krump dancin #womenbeater @chrisbrown my mom would never by your album u lucky America is forgiving.hit my sister

@chrisbrown you will speak on my brother but you know better than to say a WORD to me…Wait until I see you..say sorry lil homie

@chrisbrown lil homie you beat women thats not cool and when i see you imma smack you in your mouth you better pay for protection

Trending Topic #RickyRomance why? It should be #ChrisBrown? No?

@chrisbrown i think you a talented artist but im still gonna shove my pistol in your mouth if i catch you alone w/ no security lol.God Night

If #fishbrown apologize in 24 hours I will call off my goons or else he will be visited when he least expect

Andre Merritt (@Andre_Merritt):

@razb2k Yooo my nigga I will beat your fu**in ass putting my name in some sh**!!!! RealTalk

For those who dont know me I am a singer/songwriter @chrisbrown is like my lil brother and is a big part of my success in this business..

WOW Its funny how niggas can hate you for no reason

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