Chris Brown & Rihanna Domestic Abuse Case Discussed On ‘Showbiz Tonight’

‘Showbiz Tonight’ AJ Hammer talks with attorney Darren Kavinoky and ‘In Session’ anchor Ashleigh Banfield about the latest in the and domestic abuse case. “I would not be at all surprised if more charges are filed,” Kavinoky said about Brown’s legal situation. “Since Chris posted bail, his next court date is not coming up until March of this year. So the district attorney has plenty of time to file appropriate charges or dismiss other charges.”

Ashleigh weighed in on whether Brown is doomed whether it goes to trial or he makes a plea. “It’s not good,” she responded. “And he has already lost endorsements. Those endorsements aren’t likely to come back. That said, I don’t know, how is R. Kelly’s career doing. He went to trial, too. And you know, it’s – strange things happen. But this is just not a good story no matter how you slice it.” Video of the segment at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Brown & Rihanna Domestic Abuse Case Discussed On ‘Showbiz Tonight’

  1. Vega says:

    Chris Brown is a horrible influence on boys and Rihanna is sending a really bad message to girls. Chris browns fans thinks its okay for a man to hit woman. Which isn’t right. A man shouldn’t hit a women no matter what she says or does and by Rihanna staying with him girls think it’s acceptable. To me Chris Brown’s good boy image was fake and his love songs were a bunch of lies. He shouldn’t be supported at all. The abuser was in him by day one and for it to get this bad he showed some form of abuse along time ago. Rihanna need to grow a back bone and leave him or name her next album Take A Lick!

  2. quennisha says:

    What up man you need to stop that sh**

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