Chris Brown Walks Out On Q94 Interview For Not Playing New Tunes

Chris Brown

recently appeared on WRVQ Q94 in Richmond, Virginia to promote an upcoming Haiti benefit concert, but before the interview could start, the R&B star got mad at the radio jock Kash because the station didn’t play any of his current songs. Kash told Brown he didn’t have any hits right now, and when Chris pointed out his new single ‘I Love U’ with Ester Dean could be his pick of the day, Brown got fed up and walked out. The DJ said he later received an apology phone call from Jive and because of the diva fit, he played the new B.o.B single instead. Listen to Kash’s comments and the brief exchange with Brown at YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Walks Out On Q94 Interview For Not Playing New Tunes

  1. John says:

    I would encourage anyone who cares to look at the twitter account of that station. One of the Disc Jockeys tweeted that they were going to try and get Brown to punch them in the face so they had a cool Facebook picture. These guys clearly set this up and every media outlet is going to buy it. The kid is going to be 21 next week. You don’t have to like him but let the guy live his life………

  2. valerie says:

    Chris Brown made a mistake the guy is young I think he has been unfairly treated!!! Rihanna is a trouble maker I think she is partly to blame I am sure this won’t be the last guy she causes trouble.before this trouble everybody was all on brown,now for his one mistake they have put him down Tyra Banks couldn’t stop telling him how great he was when he was on her show then after the Rihanna incident she is against him TYRA YOU ARE A BIG FAKE and should have offered him some kind of guidance not pt him down all I can say is god bless you Chris and you are in my prayers!!!

  3. Boo Boo says:

    Chris Brown!!! Who Cares!!!!!

  4. Mariah says:

    I love Chris Brown I love flamethrower by him and captive I hope those songs come out soon I love them and you Chris Brown love ya.

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