Chris Brown’s Publicity Battle Has Just Begun

Chris Brown wearing Sean John

Toure of Rolling Stone weighed in on the battle is facing as his career is appearing to be in jeopardy due to the alleged assault of his girlfriend . Writing before the image of a battered emerged earlier today, Toure wrote:

Chris’s battle has just begun and it’s impossible to know how it’ll end. The comparisons to the Ike Turner situation fall short because Ike’s heavy-handedness wasn’t widely known about until years after his peak — the instantaneous national awareness of Chris’s situation and the modern multimedia echo chamber make this much more visceral. He’s shocked his young fans and destroyed his sweet loverboy image while inflicting pain on a rich, beautiful female star who no one can denigrate as a golddigger trying to exploit him for money. Some music industry people say he’s got no chance to come back — an artist for teenagers has nowhere to go after breaking fans’ hearts in this painful way. Others say there’s a chance for redemption because fans are less attached to people than to their sound so a few great singles from Chris will wash away the stain. That strikes me as naive — he’s going to have to somehow remove the cloud before we can dance to his music with a clear conscience. Ask Michael Jackson about that. And Chris’s also got to get the gatekeepers of music back on his side. Some radio stations have already banned his music.

Chris’s biggest worry is that the pictures police took of Rihanna after the fight will emerge. If we ever see them he might as well go off to college.

Check out the entire editorial here.

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