Christina Milian Blasts Report Linking Her To Shawn Costner

and her mother visited Elsa Belai’s Secret Society party at Aurum in Atlanta on Thursday night (August 5), where The-Dream’s ex-wife was joined by Universal Music exec Shawn Costner. “Now I’m not saying that the two are a couple, so please don’t quote me,” Sandra Rose said on her blog at, which has several images of the pair. “But that’s the word I’m hearing. Christina is known to only date influential industry men who can further her singing career. Costner is The-Dream’s best friend and this might be CM’s way of getting back at him.”

But Milian blasted the speculation moments ago, telling her Twitter followers (@CMilianOfficial):

Okay @sandrarose where u get ur info from?… Lol, these damn hungry photogs tryin make a story for some paper..
Shame on them.. Especially the stumbling out stuff.. For real? Uh okay. Very classless for whomever came up w/this story.
Not even worth it
Ps, Peccas is like my Big Brother. Y’all need to chill out w that silly stuff man

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