Christina Milian Checks In After ‘TRL’ Performance

checked in with fans on her blog on myspace on June 2nd. “I was pretty talkative on my last blog… lol, well, hmmm…this one might not be as long,” she writes. “But, did you get to see the TRL performance? I think that one is one of the best ones as far as ‘Say I’ goes. Did the slightest bit more dancing… which to be honest with you, I kinda miss doing in my performances. You’ll be seeing me incorporate that into my singles again soo. Especially in my live shows. I dont know, it doesn’t feel the same if I’m not DANCING my BUTT off. but its good cause I wanted to try more of a vocal performance situation with ‘Say I’ with that song I think its more about the message than the performance… and of course getting the audience amped! :) Speaking of performances, I have a few coming up… my show in the Bay was great. I brought a few girls up on stage to do a little dance contest and it was so funny. That was the 1st time I had done that. I decided to be a little spontaneous. The audience kept it hype and fun. I have some more shows and club appearances I will be making within the next few weeks. I will keep you informed of wussup in the upcoming shows section.”

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