Christina Milian Checks In After World Stunt Awards

checked in with fans on her blog at Myspace on Tuesday (May 22) after presenting at the Taurus World Stunt Awards the previous night. “Hey guys, changed up my default pic as you can see,” she writes. “I presented at an award show last night and had a good time. There were alot of people there! Anyway, just wanted to let you know to check your local listing for it. I believe it airs on the 25th on AMC in the States and will actually be airing overseas. I got to see my old friend from ‘Be Cool’ – The Rock – and hung out with a couple friends backstage. I presented ‘hardest hit’, it was actually really cool to see all the stunts these people do in these movies and the people who are crazy enough to do all these stunts! Amazing! Crazy… :) By the way, to all you Jessica Alba fans – she is such a sweetie and just as beautiful in person inside and out. Very sweet. We got a lil time to chat backstage.. So pretty! :) So, as you can see, I enjoyed myself. I had to change it up and wore two different dresses for the event. Who wants to be boring with ONE dress? Riight? LOL. Well, I’m about to go to bed! Much luv! Many hugs! Peace! GOOODNIGHT!”

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