Christina Milian Discusses CW Pilot & Studio Progress

checked in with fans on her blog at Myspace on April 9th. “Well hello guys! I hope you are all doing well and had a great and Blessed Easter weekend,” she writes. “How are you? What are yoooouuuuuu doing? Well, I know it’s been a sec but I wanted to update yall on some good news! I am just begining filming a pilot for the CW Network.. Umm, FUN! I am have such a great time! The show is called ‘8 Days a Week’.. here’s a lil info I copied from (thanks guys) The project centers on four friends who work as assistants to the elite in New York City. Mario Lopez will play the cell phone-wielding boss to the BlackBerry-wielding assistant played by Robert Ri’chard. Milian’s character Olivia is a law school grad currently assisting the owner of a Manhattan art gallery. She is set to play a gorgeous career woman. The program, which bears similarities to the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and television hit Ugly Betty with its assistant/boss format, will launch on the new CBS/Warner Bros. network. The official description of the un-shot comedy, Eight Days ‘centers on four twenty-somethings who work under the top movers and shakers in New York City. And even though they’ll sacrifice any semblance of a personal life to get ahead, these four friends quickly realize that even that philosophy may not be enough, and they will need to rely on one another to succeed.’ Shaun Hayes is one the producers.. (Jack on ‘Will and Grace’ He’s so nice!) You can IMDB it as well… So yeah, that’s a lil info, hopefully you will be seeing me soon all over ya TV’s! Anyway, I miss yall! Everything is great here! I am now an Aunt as well! So my days have been very blessed and full of smiles lately! Not to mention I am still in the studio recording as well! The record sound great, I have an English/soon 2 be Spanish song that I recorded with Frankie J, plus a dope, HOT HOT HOT FIRE song I did with Rick Ross. I might’ve told you that before…more news to come!”

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