Christina Milian Discusses New Album, New Label

dropped by KIIS FM studios in Los Angeles for some Cuban food and to talk about her new album ‘Us Against The World’, which comes out in 2009 on MySpace Records. “I was looking around at different deals. A lot of things were traditional deals, and I was kind of over that,” she explained. “A lot of deals were kind of crazy. We want to sign your life away and we can’t guarantee we even care about you. When MySpace came to me, it was actually someone I had known as a friend for a long time, and he had been A&R all of the sudden at MySpace Records. So I knew that he would be passionate about my record and had some great ideas and understood my vision as well, and collaboratively I just thought it was new. I was like, if I’m gonna sign a record deal, at least let it be refreshing and new and I feel that MySpace have set the bar apart. The whole digital world and the MySpace database of 300 million people, you can’t beat that type of promotion.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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