Christina Milian Explains ‘Dip It Low’ Video

is caused a real stir by rolling around in black paint on her latest super saucy video ‘Dip It Low’. She explained the decision to MTV UK: “In the ’60s they used to do body art. They would dip in paint and they would roll around on a canvas and make art on the canvas. So I kind of ‘dip’ in the paint and do the same thing.”

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3 thoughts on “Christina Milian Explains ‘Dip It Low’ Video

  1. jose says:

    The way those mem Were gawking at her was scary I feared for her safety. She could have easily been gang raped.

  2. Jerron says:

    what’s up with the dudes manhandling her in the video? they’re totally like just throwing her around

  3. Ron says:

    Milian’s such a pro even with those dudes breathing down her neck & throwing her around she still managed to turn this song & film into a masterpiece.

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