Christina Milian: I Refuse To Stop

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@christinamilian) on Wednesday (August 16). “Times are getting hectic and yet so much fun,” she writes. “‘Pulse” has finally had it’s release. It came in in the top 5! Great news.:) Thanks to those of you for supporting and going to the theatre to check it out. I am soooo happy it’s finally out there. Well I have lot’s of new ventures I’m pursueing.. It’s all so exciting. I think I’m just so motivated by everything that has happened to me this year. It’s been crazy emotionally. And makes me reflect on my drive and how I got here… I can’t stop. I refuse to. I love what I do and it’s fans that support like y’all that feed my drive… Anyway, I’m talkin’ crazy right now. But I think some of you understand.”

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