Christina Milian ‘Late Night’ Transcript

was on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Tuesday night (August 8) to promote her new film ‘Pulse’. Milian also discussed performing in the south of France before a crowd of 15 that included Bill Gates, having a “Brad Pitt clause” in her relationship, and the film. Read on for a rough transcript.

Conan: All right, we’re back. My next guest is a talented singer/songwriter
and actress. Starting this friday, she can be seen in the new movie, “pulse.”
Please welcome christina milian.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: Wow, look at that dress, gorgeous.

Christina: Thank you. You like this?

Conan: Yeah, it’s fantastic. Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Christina: Thank you. I like red on you, too.

Conan: All right, well, I never wore that dress.

[ Laughter ] But I will. I don’t know what that means. So, how are you?
Someone told me that you’re having a great summer. You just got back from
france? Did you have a vacation there? What did you do?

Christina: It was somewhat of a vacation. I actually have been on tour.
I’ve been doing shows everywhere, and I was just in the south of france
and did a performance. It was a private party, which I actually had no
idea — I thought it was, you know, just gonna be, like, 200 people for
maybe a charity or something, but it ended up being, like, a small thing,
like, 15 people.

Conan: Wait, a private party of 15 people, and they hire you to perform.

Christina: They had me perform and there were eight other acts — the
gypsy kings and whole bunch of european acts.

Conan: Who were these people? You know, gypsy kings are big, you’re
a big name. What’s going on?

Christina: No, it was incredible. I don’t know who the guy is. He’s
really rich, but he has a $38 million mansion, and bill gates was there.

Conan: Wait, wait, wait. Bill gates was at this party?

Christina: Yes.

Conan: The richest man in the world, bill gates?

Christina: The richest man in the world, bill gates. He was dancing
to my music, and he was probably the only one boogying in the middle of
the dance floor.

Conan: Bill gates was dancing?

[ Laughter ] What’s he doing? What are his moves like? He’s doing that?

Christina: The robot.

Conan: Does he have a move where he just throws gold coins?

[ Laughter ] It’s called “the money throw,” everybody. Let’s do it.
Huh? No one else is doin’ it. So, was he really? Because, I mean, I can’t
imagine him on the dance floor, getting crazy.

Christina: No, it was a surprise. Everybody was telling me that he was
asking, “who’s this girl on the stage?” And eventually I saw him. He was
standing right in the middle of the dance floor, dancing, and everybody
there was having a good old time. It was crazy. Eventually, the gypsy kings
were playing music in a little circle and passing around this microphone.
And he even sang on the microphone, “I did it my way.”

Conan: Yeah, when bill gates sings, “I did it my way.”

I bought them out I crushed them all

[ Laughter and applause ]

I took away their business model oh, my god. Did you get to meet him
at one point?

Christina: Yeah, I got to meet him after the show.

Conan: Did he have gold robots that brought you over?

[ Speaks like a robot ] Mr. Gates wishes to see you.

Christina: This big bouquet of flowers, they were really nice.

Conan: That’s incredible that you got to meet him. That’s great.

Christina: Yeah, it was cool.

Conan: Shocked I wasn’t invited to that 15-person party for billionaires.

[ Laughter ] Well, let’s talk a little bit about you and your personal
life. You’re in a relationship right now, but you have a rule in this relationship?

Christina: Oh, yeah.

Conan: What is the rule?

Christina: Well, this is in any relationship that I’ve ever been in,
and especially in any case, I have the brad pitt clause. So, what it is
— the contract is, yes, we’re together and I’m completely in love with
you, but if I ever meet brad pitt and I have a chance, let me get that
chance, and, you know, it doesn’t matter. It’s okay, I’ll come back to

Conan: So, wait. So, you’d tell this to guys up front, “I have the brad
pitt clause”?

Christina: No, I kind of subtley hint it. You know, we’ll be watching
a movie or something and eventually after all the grunting and all the,
“oh, wow, he’s so hot,” and they’re, like, “okay, that’s enough,” I’m like,
“by the way, I have this great idea — if there’s ever any chance.” It’s
only my rule, actually, because it doesn’t count for him, either. It’s
only mine, that I can get with brad pitt.

Conan: Oh, so, if he comes to you and says, “if I ever meet jennifer
garner or something, then I get to –”

Christina: I suppose jennifer garner would work. I don’t mind that one.

Conan: No, wait, you don’t get to choose.

[ Laughter ] I like how on your side of it, it’s just like, “oh, yeah,
and here’s who it is — brad pitt. What’s your decision? Maybe.

[ Laughter ] Let me think about it. Let me get back to you.” No, it’s
not like that. No, he gets to just say who it is, you know what I’m sayin’?

Christina: Well, I guess. I don’t know, maybe that’s the unequal part
of the relationship for me, then.

Conan: Yeah, sounds like it. All right, let’s talk about this movie,
“pulse.” You shot this movie, where, in romania?

Christina: I shot in romania, two months in romania last year.

Conan: I’ve never been to romania. I’d love to go there. Was it fun?

Christina: I want to say it was fun, not compared to home, but it was
quite an experience. It was different. It was more of a safety thing, which
made it not fun.

Conan: Is there a lot of crime there?

Christina: There’s crime in a case that you would not understand, you’ve
never seen before. It’s ifamilies from ages 3 years old to their parents.

Conan: 3-year-olds are committing crimes?

Christina: Yes.

Conan: That’s impressive, in a way.

[ Laughter ] If my daughter was out committing crimes, I’d be like,

[ Laughter ] “What did you do?”

[ In a child’s voice ] “I broke into that safe.”

[ Laughter ] “Embezzling, wow.”

Christina: No, but the things would happen, it’s crazy — the little
kids, they’d either steal, like, your cell phone or your wallet, but one
of the other actors in the movie — this woman came up to him and she threw
her baby in his hands, and then the kids ran up and they stole the wallet.

Conan: Oh, so, he has to grab the baby, then they take everything?

Christina: Well, he caught the baby, and it was real, live baby, but
he threw it right back at her. He didn’t know what to do, and he knew they
were gonna steal something.

Conan: Yeah, I don’t want to lose my cell phone. I’ll chuck this baby.

[ Laughter ]

Christina: I wouldn’t have done that.

Conan: No, I wouldn’t have done that. It takes four hours to get a new
cell phone, wah, wah.

[ Laughter and applause ] Wow, I have major issues here. Well, I’ve
got to get there soon. I bet those babies are in on it, too — like, “good
throw, ma, yeah.”

[ Laughter ] We have a clip here from “pulse,” and this is a scary movie.

Christina: Yes, my first scary movie, “pulse.” It’s not a gory, bloody-type
of movie. It’s actually a little bit more about suspense, dealing with
wireless — kind of wi-fi. You know, we’re all dealing with laptops and
cell phones nowadays, and what if something evil was able to make its way
through a wireless connection? So, you know, you just never know.

Conan: Let’s take a look at this clip from “pulse.”

[ Scream ]

[ Applause ]

Christina: Oh, yeah. That’s a very scary moment.

Conan: Yeah, that was really intense. I don’t know. Maybe that must’ve
been very fastidious, like, “some of these colors are running. I better
get them out.

[ Laughter ] These blues are too intense. How could he do that?” All
right, “pulse” opens on friday. Christina, thanks for being here. Nice
to see you again.

Christina: Thank you for having me over here again.

Conan: Christina milian. We’ll take a little break

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