Christina Milian Loves Miami

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@christinamilian) on Thursday (June 15). “Did I mention, I love Miami,” Milian asked. “Just spent a couple days in my new 2nd home! Had a ball. Just got back home on one hour of sleep since yesterday and a little good ‘ol airplane Zzzz’s. Anyway, got invited to this club last night to check out my boy Big D and his band. Right on the beach. Very classy, sexy event. I guess they perform every Wednesday night. It’s hot cause they play to all the hot records that are on the radio right now. Y’all should check out Big D’s work. He produced ‘Unpredictable’ and Trina and Kelly Rowland’s single. Good Music. :) Anyway, I went with Dre & Dj Khaled…by the way, Khaled’s album just came out a week ago. NEED TO PICK THAT UP! HOT ALBUM! Anyway, the band played ‘Holla at me Baby’ and Khaled got up on stage, then ‘Chevy Ridin’ High’ and Dre performed and unexpectedly they started playing ‘Say I’ and Dre got me to get up on stage. So I did a nice spontaneous performance. Those are always fun. Especially when u got a band and ya friends on stage together. We had fun. But yeah, good times.”

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