Christina Milian On Blender & Vibe Stories

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@christinamilian) on Thursday (April 27). “Ladies, thank you for all the love you been showing me on the radio,” she writes. “I been getting a lot of calls. Especially regarding a particular interview I did in Blender Magazine. It’s cool that y’all understand where I’m coming from. Not to mention the Dudes do too. I think people are really starting to see that I am just as human and real as anyone and we all got different obstacles and experiences to go thru. Lol, life is Amazing! :) I love it! Recently I did a great interview with Vibe Magazine as well. Very in-depth. And it has way more to do with the other things I have never told you guys about my life other than my previous relationship. I feel my honesty has been really good for me and other’s as well. I just feel comfortable in knowing that all my experiences make me the person I am. And I like me :) LOL!!! :)”

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