Christina Milian Responds To ‘Stupid Tabloid Web Sites’

responded to reports on and claiming that she was hard-up for money after her split from Def Jam, wondering if her current eBay auctions were a move to raise money. “Ok guys I need to respond to this for those of you who have read any of these STUPID writeups from these little tabloid websites,” Milian wrote on her MySpace (@christinamilian) earlier today. “I am NOT BROKE!! I AM negotiating a new record deal with another label. I am NOT BANKRUPT EITHER! I have made pleanty and enough money in all the different areas of my career and the fact that I am not with DefJam anymore doesn’t mean I am not making money. I’m prob making more money now! Believe me. The fact that I am selling stuff on eBay is strictly for FUN and sumthing I always wanted to get into…that is it!”

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