Christina Milian To Sound More R&B On New Album

chatted with about her new yet to be titled album due out sometime next year, which she says will be more R&B than her pop and R&B inspired self-titled debut. “It was a bit mixed, my first album. I think with this next album, it is a bit more urban, and I want it to pretty much flow a little bit more,” she said. “Instead of having a whole bunch of great songs, but not really being able to like know who I am. I really want to put it together, and people to get to know me, and go through a journey with me through my music. And also, I think music has changed in a way, too. So, I’m kinda into more urban feel. So, I got Ja Rule, Charli Baltimore, Irv Gotti, I’m working with a lot of different people. It’s great.”

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