Christina Milian Visits ‘Late Night’

was on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Wednesday night to promote her role in the new film ‘Be Cool’. Milian discussed working with John Travolta on the film, her sexy video for ‘Dip It Low’, she explained to Conan what “pop that thing” meant, and show she works hard to keep her booty curvy. Read on for the complete transcript.

Conan: We’re back. My next guest is a talented singer, songwriter
and actress. And starting this friday she can be seen in the brand new
movie “be cool.” Please welcome christina milian.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: Thank you for being here.

Christina: Thank you. You look very handsome.

Conan: I don’t think people are looking at me right now.

[ Cheers ] That’s okay. You look gorgeous. Yeah.

Christina: Thank you very much.

Conan: Thank you for being here. So much to talk about. First of all
you do a great job in this movie. It must be great. You’re so young. You’re
working with john travolta.

Christina: It’s so amazing working with john. If you guys have ever
seen him, or met him in person. The most adorable sweet down-to-earth person.

Conan: Seems like a nice guy.

Christina: He’s always singing on the set. So everybody has their moment
where you’re watching them. Sometimes you’re like “oh, my god. John travolta
is singing right now.”

Conan: What kind of stuff is he singing? Is he singing like modern stuff?

Christina: He sings like frank sinatra. The first time I met him he
was singing “jenny from the block.” I was really nervous to meet him.

Conan: That seems kind of odd, for him to be singing “jenny from the

Christina: He was teasing me. “I’m just linda from the block.” My character,
her name is linda moon. He just made it fun and smoothed out the whole

Conan: Does he ever sing any of the songs he’s famous –? ‘Cause I heard
sometimes people will sing him in the hallway and he will be a be singing
a song from “grease.”

Christina: That actually happened. Somebody was watching “grease” inside
their car. One of the security guys. And I think he overheard it. One day
we’re chillin’ on the set, and he started singing “summer lovin’.” I was
like — oh, my god! I’ve had the biggest crush on him. That’s great.

Conan: Afterwards he passes around a hat.

[ Laughter ] “All right, john, okay.” You know I was looking at some
of your videos today.

Christina: Uh-huh.

Conan: Blew my mind.

Christina: Really?

Conan: These are the sexiest videos I’ve seen. You’re very comfortable
with yourself and that’s a good thing.

Christina: I am, yes.

Conan: But I’m watching one video, “dip it low.”

Christina: Uh-huh.

Conan: And — and the police broke down the door, no. I’m watching one
video and you’re rolling around in paint.

Christina: Yes.

Conan: It’s extremely erotic. And in some of the shots it looks like
you’re not even wearing clothes. And then I find out that the idea for
rolling around in the paint that way was your mom’s idea?

Christina: Yes. Actually, you know, it’s kind of funny the director
came to me with the idea. But years before, my mom had told me, like, back
in the ’60s there was an artist and a painter who did like the body paint
thing. She’s like one of these days you to do it. And when the director
came to me with the idea — I was like, “that would be so hot.” Like a
human paint brush dipping into the paint. I am wearing clothes in the video.

Conan: Yeah, it’s kind of hard to tell. You think of the mom being the
one that rushes on the set like, “cover up cover up!” Instead, it was like,
“roll around naked!”

Christina: My mom’s really cool. She’s young, she’s cool.

Conan: Let’s talk about this song on it. Like to keep current as I can.
One of the lyrics is “pop pop pop that thing.” So, what are we talking
about, here, specifically?

Christina: It’s a dance. Popping that thing is more about that booty.

Conan: The booty.

Christina: You know about the booty, don’t you?

Conan: No, I really don’T.

[ Laughter ] That’s more my sad story than anybody else.

Christina: It’s about the booty right here.

Conan: Great. We have a wire. I’ll hold the wire.

Christina: It’s about the booty and you go pop, pop, pop that thing.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: Popping is just — it sort of — I feel like I’m running a club
here. Get up and show us.

Christina: Show us now!

Conan: It’s about popping the booty. And you think popping the booty
can help a relationship, is that the idea?

Christina: Yeah.

Conan: It can bring freshness.

Christina: In the beginning it’s fun. The girl pops that booty and next
thing you know, it starts to get a little boring. The guy’s eye starts
going somewhere. No, and so.

Conan: What are you looking at me for? I was looking over here. I was
looking back this way over this area.

Christina: My eyes are here. And basically about making it fun again.

Conan: Making it fun again by popping the booty.

Christina: Yes.

Conan: Does it ever get too late? ‘Cause later on in life, you don’t
want to see people popping the booty again. Do you?

Christina: You know what? I think it’s never too late.

Conan: That’s actually wrong. It is too late. Now, you have — you have
a fear that you actually — there’s a lot of women that worry about their
figure and want to keep weight off. You worry that yr booty’s going to
get too small. Is that true with all the working out that you do?

Christina: Yeah. Because I do tie bo and a bunch of workouts all the
time. Sometimes that’s a worry because — I don’t want to have like a long
back. So I always make sure, whenever I’m working out, I’m like, “please
keep the booty.”

Conan: Keep the booty.

Christina: You got to have some booty.

Conan: It would be great if there was food that went to the booty.

Christina: But kept it firm.

Conan: Kept it firm. They’re going to find out like pine nuts do that.
They’re going to find out in the next couple years there’s certain foods
— I’ve taken us down a strange word road and I don’t care.

[ Light laughter ] It’s my show and I don’t care. About the booty —

Christina: And about the pine nuts.

Conan: Oh, we’re going to get mail.

Christina: Oh, yeah.

Conan: Now, you — the national broadcasting company.

Christina: Oh, man.

Conan: You have a lot of people that are — big fans, groupies. But
some of them, what’s the age range here?

Christina: Well, a lot of guys especially, but usually, you know, teenagers.
But then there’s like some of the creepy ones, like the older guys. They’re
like 40s and 50s but they’ll be like —

Conan: 40s is old, huh? I don’t care. I’m 32. I don’t mind.

[ Laughter ] 31. I’m going to be 32 in four years.

Christina: No. But they’ll like, “send me pictures.” Like little boys
will do or something. And they’ll send pictures. Or I’ll get jail mail
and send me their — a thing so I can go actually visit them.

Conan: Really?

Christina: In jail, which is interesting.

Conan: Th.I’m like, sorry guys, you know. We have — we — we have —

Christina: The best interview I’ve ever done.

Conan: Oh, yeah. The pine nuts is where it really all went.

Christina: Was that the best part.

Conan: It was the best part as far as I’m concerned. Before we go, we
have a clip here from “be cool,” that I want to make sure we show. What
do we need to know?

For thi is really unhappy and in a bad record deal and everything and
explaining to chili palmer.

Conan: John travolta is trying to get your career going. You’re a talented
singer, but trapped in a bad contract.

Christina: To vince vaughn he’s really sleazy and the rock. You get
to see it. It’s very funny.

Conan: Take a look at this clip from “be cool.”

Christina: Yo linda. Yo. I didn’t dismiss you. You’re on my time.

Christina: That’s my manager, raji. I told him I want to quit. And he’s
like, “you quit me girl, I’mma jack you up.

Christina: He talks like that?

Christina: He thinks he’s black. His real name is roger loenthal.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: That’s funny. Funny character.

Christina: Yeah.

Conan: “Be cool” opens friday.

Christina: Yes.

Conan: “Man of the house” is in theaters now. Please come back and see
us again.

Christina: I will.

Conan: Great to have you on the show. Christina milian, everybody. We’ll
be right back.

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