Christina Milian’s Advice On Getting In The ‘Biz

answered a few fans’ questions for TRL over at, including what advice she’d give to those young girls looking to get into the music industry. “When you have a passion and a drive to do something that you want I think it’s important to study your craft,” Milian said. “For me, luckily, I have my mom–we’ve worked together since I was sixteen or seventeen getting into the music industry. I took college courses in ‘music as a business,’ read books on the music business, studied contracts and learned the fine details before getting into the music industry. That’s so important. And then of course practice. Practice always makes perfect. Always study the people you admired when you were growing up. One thing that I did that people don’t think of is look on the back of albums and you can find out who their record company or A&R person is. Start sending out your pictures and CD’s. Always be prepared to sing anywhere.”

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One thought on “Christina Milian’s Advice On Getting In The ‘Biz

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Ok so i have made about 2 cds all with me on it and i want to send it out HOW DO I SEND IT OUT??

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