Christina Milian’s New Year’s Resolution

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@christinamilian) on Monday (December 40. “Holidays are here,” Milian wrote. “What are you guys doing for the holiday? Today I had to play elf and put up the many lights my Ma bought and put em on the tree with my sisters. Had fun. :) So yeah, I’m just curious. How are y’all gonna do your holiday up this year? Going out of town? Wussup? what about your New Year? I dunno what I’m gonna do yet.. I know I’ve been working way ahead of ’07 on the one resolution I think everyone makes.. Work out and stay in good shape! :) Been spending alot of time working out. I actually enjoy it… And no, I’m not a gym junkie… Wish it came that easy to me to just get up and go to the gym anytime. But lately I have been convincing my body that it’s something I wanna do everyday. And I am actually listening… LOL. Anyway, I’m a nerd. Just wanted 2 say wussup. See what’s new?” The fan responses have since been removed.

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